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Why Teachers and Students Love Clarendon Learning


Well designed, easy to follow lessons written by teachers for teachers!

Each Clarendon Learning Lesson Plan is written by a teacher with years of professional experience. We understand the time and resource constraints that are put on teachers so we developed lesson plans that are straightforward and easy to follow.

From the introduction of the lesson material to the activities and worksheets, you can have confidence that our lesson plans will be a hit with your students. Clarendon Lessons are right for everyone! Our lessons can be used in both classroom and homeschooling settings.

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Step-By-Step Classroom Instructions

We’ve removed the prep work for you. Each lesson includes step-by-step classroom procedures, lesson objectives, Common Core Standards, required materials, content pages, classroom activities, worksheets, and more! 


Clarendon Learning is a one-stop shop for your elementary lesson plan needs. Our lessons are designed to be adaptable to your needs. You can make them longer, shorter, harder, or easier. So stop searching the web, download one of our lessons, and do what you do best…teach!


Engaging and informational handouts

All of our lessons are colorful, engaging, and keep students interested. Each lesson begins with a few pages of content that outlines the key elements of the topic, which teachers use to review the subject and as a handout for students. They are designed to keep students’ attention and drive home real learning.


All of our content has been written and created by professional teachers with practical in-classroom experience. We know firsthand what works and what doesn’t – and we think you’ll see amazing results.

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Classroom Activities, Worksheets, and more…

To reinforce learning, each lesson plan comes with at least: 1 classroom activity, 1 practice worksheet, and 1 homework assignment with answer keys as needed. These worksheets coincide with fun content and instruction pages and are created to support the lesson objectives.


Clarendon Learning lessons are truly the final stop for all of your lesson plan needs. We provide all the material you need so that you can stop scouring the internet for resources and focus on what you do best…teaching!

Clarendon Learning Lesson Plans Make Your Life Easier