Integrating Information


Our Integrating Information lesson plan teaches students how to integrate and consolidate information for two sources. Students practice reading, listening to, and viewing information and then organizing, comparing and contrasting, and summarizing it.


Our Integrating Information lesson plan prepares students to connect with content on a deeper and broader level. By developing the mental stamina and flexibility to compare and contrast facts and information to determine reliable sources and build schema, students are empowered to digest the information they are presented with on a daily basis. This lesson presents strategies for skillful integration of information that allows students to combine fragments and details to complete a whole picture, which includes more information and knowledge. During this lesson, students are asked to both watch a video and read a passage and then answer questions about them, including writing a summary and completing a compare and contrast chart. Students are also asked to choose two different sources of information about the topic of their choice and follow the steps to read and integrate information to create a summary statement about what they learned.

At the end of the lesson, students will be able to integrate information from two sources by reading, listening, and viewing information, organizing information, comparing and contrasting information, and creating a summary statement that combines information from both sources.


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