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Characters, Predicting Actions Lesson PlanCharacters, Predicting Actions Teachers Guide

Characters – Predicting Actions


Our Characters – Predicting Actions lesson plan develops reading comprehension and critical thinking skills in young students. This interactive lesson prepares students to predict actions based on an image or reading content.

Characters Lesson PlanCharacters Teachers Guide

Characters (Grade 3-4)


Our free downloadable PDF Characters Lesson Plan sharpens reading comprehension and analytical skills as students are equipped to describe characters from a story, including their actions, traits, and other significant details. Students are asked to work collaboratively to assign themselves a character while others in their group list their

Characters (Grades 1-2) Lesson PlanCharacters (Grades 1-2) Teachers Guide

Characters (Grades 1-2)


Our free downloadable PDF Characters lesson plan for grades 1-2 introduces the concept of main and minor characters to young students. During this lesson, students are asked to match short stories with the characters they are about in order to practice visualizing characters and reading comprehension with regards to characters. Students are

Characters, Feelings Lesson PlanCharacters, Feelings Teachers Guide

Characters, Feelings


Our free downloadable PDF Characters – Feelings lesson plan engages reading comprehension and analytical skills as students identify the feelings of a character from a story or book and match feelings with actions. During this lesson, students are asked to identify the correct feeling word for given sentences. Students are also asked to wri

Checks and Balances Lesson PlanChecks and Balances Teachers Guide

Checks and Balances


In our Checks and Balances lesson plan, students learn about the system of checks and balances present in the United States government between the three branches of government and how they work. Students learn how checks and balances are used for the separation of powers and learn facts about each of the three branches.

Chemistry of the Body Lesson PlanChemistry of the Body Teachers Guide

Chemistry of the Body


Our Chemistry of the Body lesson plan teaches students about the primary chemicals found in the human body and their uses. Students learn related vocabulary and learn how the human body would be effected without various chemicals.

Choose/Write Word Names for Numbers Lesson PlanChoose/Write Word Names for Numbers Teachers Guide

Choose/Write Word Names for Numbers


In our Choose/Write Word Names for Numbers lesson plan, students learn how to write numbers in word form. Students practice both writing numerals as words and the word forms as numerals.

Choosing a Book Lesson PlanChoosing a Book Teachers Guide

Choosing a Book


In our Choosing a Book lesson plan, students are taught some methods that they might use to choose a book to read. Students learn about the differences between independent, instructional, and frustrational books and how to choose the right one for their reading ability.

Circles Lesson PlanCircles Teachers Guide



In our Circles lesson plan, students learn how to find the area, diameter, radius, and circumference of a circle. Students complete numerous practice problems in which they use the formulas presented in this lesson to find all of these things.

Civil Rights


With our Civil Rights lesson plan, students learn about the Civil Rights Movement in the United States, including its history and vocabulary terms.

Clarifying Meanings of Words/Phrases Lesson PlanClarifying Meanings of Words/Phrases Teachers Guide

Clarifying Meanings of Words/Phrases


Our Clarifying Meanings of Words/Phrases lesson plan teaches students strategies for figuring out the meanings of unfamiliar words, primarily through asking questions. Students also practice choosing the right word for specific sentences.

Classifying 2D Figures Lesson PlanClassifying 2D Figures Teachers Guide

Classifying 2D Figures


Our Classifying 2D Figures lesson plan teaches students various characteristics of 2D shapes and how they can be used to classify shapes. Students practice using the information learned in this lesson to identify 2D shapes such as triangles and equilaterals.

Classifying Shapes


Our Classifying Shapes lesson plan teaches students how to identify and classify shapes used in mathematics. Students practice identifying shapes and answering questions about how they are classified.

Climate Change Lesson PlanClimate Change Teachers Guide

Climate Change


In our Climate Change lesson plan, students learn what climate change is and about some of its causes and effects. Students also learn related lesson vocabulary and about what they can do to lessen their effect on climate change.

Climates Lesson PlanClimates Teachers Guide



Our free downloadable PDF Climates lesson plan introduces students to the different climates of the world. During this lesson, students are asked to color in a printed map based on climate zones, such as polar, temperate, tropical, and more, which they research themselves online. Students are also asked to match descriptions to the climates

Collegial Discussions


With our Collegial Discussions lesson plan, students learn everything they need to know about how to have effective and productive collegial discussions.

Colonial Times Lesson PlanColonial Times Teachers Guide

Colonial Times


Our free downloadable PDF Colonial Times lesson plan introduces students to the living conditions during Colonial Times in America. This interactive lesson engages the imagination and knowledge of students on what it was like being a child during the era. During this lesson, students are asked to draft a first-person story and share their s