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Determining Theme Lesson PlanDetermining Theme Teachers Guide

Determining Theme


Our Determining Theme lesson plan teaches students strategies for determining the theme of stories, fables, novels, and other types of text. Students practice reading text and identifying themes using the strategies presented in this lesson.

Determining Unknown Numbers Lesson PlanDetermining Unknown Numbers Teachers Guide

Determining Unknown Numbers


Our Determining Unknown Numbers lesson plan teaches students strategies for problem-solving that can be used to find missing or unknown numbers in addition or subtraction equations. Students solve practice problems as a part of this lesson.

Dictionary and Thesaurus Lesson PlanDictionary and Thesaurus Teachers Guide

Dictionary and Thesaurus


Our Dictionary and Thesaurus lesson plan teaches students how to define and correctly use a dictionary and a thesaurus. Students learn about both print and digital dictionaries and thesauruses as a resource for vocabulary development, written expression, and reading comprehension.

Dictionary Use Lesson PlanDictionary Use Teachers Guide

Dictionary Use


Our Dictionary Use lesson plan teaches students how to use both online and traditional dictionaries and explains the benefits of using them. Students practice using them for various purposes.

Dinosaurs Lesson PlanDinosaurs Teachers Guide



Our Dinosaurs lesson plan teaches students information about dinosaurs, including when and where dinosaurs lived, and common characteristics of dinosaurs. Students also learn to identify several types of dinosaurs.

Direct and Indirect Objects Lesson PlanDirect and Indirect Objects Teachers Guide

Direct and Indirect Objects


Our Direct and Indirect Objects lesson plan, available as a free downloadable PDF, teaches students how to identify the direct and indirect objects of sentences and how to include direct and indirect objects in their writing.

Distance, Rate and Time Lesson PlanDistance, Rate and Time Teachers Guide

Distance, Rate and Time


Our free downloadable PDF Distance, Rate and Time lesson plan introduces the formulas for solving distance, rate, and time equations. This hands-on lesson allows students to utilize resources when applying the formula, and leverage group learning as students exchange papers for review. Students are also asked to solve practice problems on t

Distribution Lesson PlanDistribution Teachers Guide



Our Distribution lesson plan teaches students about the distributive property, including what it is and when and how to use it. Students practice solving problems that require the use of the distributive property as a part of this lesson.

Distributive Property Lesson PlanDistributive Property Teachers Guide

Distributive Property


Our Distributive Property lesson plan teaches students about the distributive property, listing its rules and providing examples using both positive and negative numbers. Students practice solving problems that involve the use of the distributive property during this lesson.

Divisibility Rules Lesson PlanDivisibility Rules Teachers Guide

Divisibility Rules


Our Divisibility Rules lesson plan teaches students the rules for determining if a number is divisible by 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 9, and 10. Students solve practice problems and learn related vocabulary as a part of this lesson.

Division Lesson PlanDivision Teachers Guide



Our free downloadable PDF Division lesson plan introduces the concept of division and prepares students to represent and solve problems involving basic division facts. Using counters, students engage in experiential learning to reinforce the concept of division. In addition to a collaborative activity completed with another student, student

Division with Remainders Lesson PlanDivision with Remainders Teachers Guide

Division with Remainders


Our Division with Remainders lesson plan teaches students strategies for grouping strategies to divide whole numbers with remainders. Students practice solving problems in which they use the strategies taught in this lesson.

Division, No Remainders Lesson PlanDivision, No Remainders Teachers Guide

Division, No Remainders


Our Division, No Remainders lesson plan teaches students about grouping strategies for diving whole numbers without remainders. Students complete practice problems involving these grouping strategies.

DNA Lesson PlanDNA Teachers Guide



Our DNA lesson plan teaches students about the basics of DNA. Students learn related lesson vocabulary and learn why DNA is so important to life.

Dot Plots Lesson PlanDot Plots Teachers Guide

Dot Plots


Our Dot Plots lesson plan teaches students about dot plots and how to use them. Students practice creating and interpreting dot plots during this lesson.