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Decoding Multisyllable Words Lesson PlanDecoding Multisyllable Words Teachers Guide

Decoding Multisyllable Words


Our Decoding Multisyllable Words lesson plan teaches students additional strategies for reading and decoding multi-syllabic words. Students also learn to match syllables with their syllable type and learn about different syllable types.

Decoding with Prefixes/Suffixes Lesson PlanDecoding with Prefixes/Suffixes Teachers Guide

Decoding with Prefixes/Suffixes


Our Decoding with Prefixes/Suffixes lesson plan teaches decoding and teaches students the most common prefixes and suffixes. Students also learn to identify the correct prefix or suffix for provided words using the whole sentence as context.

Decoding Words Lesson PlanDecoding Words Teachers Guide

Decoding Words


Our Decoding Words lesson plan teaches students some decoding skills and improves reading fluency. Students learn about phonics and word analysis and how to apply these skills to their reading in order to enhance comprehension.

Decomposing Fractions Lesson PlanDecomposing Fractions Teachers Guide

Decomposing Fractions


Our Decomposing Fractions lesson plan teaches students how fractions function by breaking them down into smaller parts. Students practice “decomposing” fractions with like denominators and learn lesson vocabulary.

Defining Shapes Lesson PlanDefining Shapes Teachers Guide

Defining Shapes


Our Defining Shapes lesson plan teaches students strategies that can be used to define shapes. Students practice using these strategies and the knowledge gained in this lesson to identify and classify various shapes.

Defining Shapes


With our Defining Shapes lesson plan, students learn how to define and identifying basic shapes like rectangles, squares, triangles, and circles.

Delineate a Speaker’s Argument


With our Delineate a Speaker’s Argument lesson plan, students learn how to identify and delineate a speaker’s argument, including its claims and any evidence they gave to support those claims.

Denotations and Connotations Lesson PlanDenotations and Connotations Teachers Guide

Denotations and Connotations


Our Denotations and Connotations lesson plan teaches students about the denotation and connotation of words and how those differ. Students practice identifying if words have a positive or negative connotation and differentiating between the denotation and connotation of a word.

Describing Numerical Data


In our Describing Numerical Data lesson plan, students learn how to describe numerical data in order to interpret sets of data and represent it visually. Students also learn how to create their own charts and graphs for data sets.

Describing Settings and Events


In our Describing Settings and Events lesson plan, students learn strategies for identifying and describing settings and events. Students practice identifying settings and events in text and telling how they’re significant to the story.

Describing Story Events Lesson PlanDescribing Story Events Teachers Guide

Describing Story Events


Our Describing Story Events lesson plan teaches students how to identify story events and why this is an important skill to have. Students practice identifying the introduction, conclusion, climax, rising action, and resolution of a given story.

Descriptive Writing (Grades 4-6) Lesson PlanDescriptive Writing (Grades 4-6) Teachers Guide

Descriptive Writing (Grades 4-6)


Our Descriptive Writing lesson plan for grades 4-6 teaches students to develop the skills needed for descriptive writing. Students practice using the strategies taught in this lesson to enhance their writing.

Deserts Lesson PlanDeserts Teachers Guide



Our Deserts lesson plan teaches students about deserts and their characteristics. Students also learn about plants and animals that live in the desert and how they can be identified.

Deserts of the World Lesson PlanDeserts of the World Teachers Guide

Deserts of the World


Our Deserts of the World lesson plan teaches students about several named deserts found throughout the world. Students practice identifying major deserts and listing their characteristics.

Determining Messages in Text Details


With our Determining Messages in Text Details lesson plan, students learn how to use key information in a text to determine the central message. Students learn how to do this with myths, folktales, and more.

Determining Theme Lesson PlanDetermining Theme Teachers Guide

Determining Theme


Our Determining Theme lesson plan teaches students strategies for determining the theme of stories, fables, novels, and other types of text. Students practice reading text and identifying themes using the strategies presented in this lesson.

Determining Unknown Numbers Lesson PlanDetermining Unknown Numbers Teachers Guide

Determining Unknown Numbers


Our Determining Unknown Numbers lesson plan teaches students strategies for problem-solving that can be used to find missing or unknown numbers in addition or subtraction equations. Students solve practice problems as a part of this lesson.