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Fruits and Vegetables Lesson PlanFruits and Vegetables Teachers Guide

Fruits and Vegetables


Our Fruits and Vegetables lesson plan teaches students about common fruits and vegetables. Students learn what the difference between and fruit and a vegetable is and how to differentiate between them.

Galaxies Lesson PlanGalaxies Teachers Guide



Our Galaxies lesson plan teaches students about three major types of galaxies and about the Milky Way galaxy. Students also learn related lesson vocabulary.

Galileo Galilei Lesson PlanGalileo Galilei Teachers Guide

Galileo Galilei


Our Galileo Galilei lesson plan teaches students about the life and accomplishments of Galileo Galilei. Students learn about his early life, his numerous achievements, and his lasting impact.

Gandhi Lesson PlanGandhi Teachers Guide



Our free downloadable PDF Gandhi lesson plan introduces students to Mahatma Gandhi, most often referred to simply by his last name, Gandhi. Nearly every country in the world has heard of Gandhi and it is important for students to learn about his influence on the world, as well as his struggles promoting peaceful resolutions. During this les

GCF and LCM Lesson PlanGCF and LCM Teachers Guide



Our GCF (Greatest Common Factors) and LCM (Least Common Multiples) lesson plan teaches students about these concepts and provides them with practice problems to help solidify their understanding of the lesson material.

Generate/Analyze Number Patterns Lesson PlanGenerate/Analyze Number Patterns Teachers Guide

Generate/Analyze Number Patterns


Our Generate/Analyze Number Patterns lesson plan teaches students the basics about number patterns. Students practice identifying patterns and also create their own number patterns.

Geologic Time Lesson PlanGeologic Time Teachers Guide

Geologic Time


Our Geologic Time lesson plan teaches students about geologic time and introduces them to the concept that the Earth has existed for much longer than they may have thought. Students also learn about different eras and how they are differentiated.

Geology and Rocks Lesson PlanGeology and Rocks Teachers Guide

Geology and Rocks


Our Geology and Rocks Lesson Plan teaches students about the geology, including what it is and what a geologist does. Students learn about the three types of rocks and compare and contrast them based on the characteristics described in this lesson.

Geometric Shapes Lesson PlanGeometric Shapes Teachers Guide

Geometric Shapes


Our Geometric Shapes teaches students about some common geometry shapes. Students learn to pay attention to the number of sides a shape has in order to identify it and practice drawing and classifying shapes.

George Washington Carver Lesson PlanGeorge Washington Carver Teachers Guide

George Washington Carver


Our George Washington Carver lesson plan teaches students about George Washington Carver, who is best known for his work related to peanuts. Students also learn about Carver’s early life, his other innovations, and his lasting impact.

Germs Lesson PlanGerms Teachers Guide



Our Germs lesson plan teaches students about germs, including what they are, how they spread, and how to prevent contact with them. Students also learn the names of some common germs and what they do.

Gettysburg Address Lesson PlanGettysburg Address Teachers Guide

Gettysburg Address


Our Gettysburg Address lesson plan teaches students about the Gettysburg Address. Students read the speech and analyze it in addition to learning about the historical context of it and its lasting impact.

Glaciers Lesson PlanGlaciers Teachers Guide



Our Glaciers lesson plan teaches students about glaciers including their origins and characteristics. Students practice identifying glaciers and listing their characteristics.

Glued Sound Short A Spelling Patterns Lesson PlanGlued Sound Short A Spelling Patterns Teachers Guide

Glued Sound Short A Spelling Patterns


Our Glued Sound Short A Spelling Patterns lesson plan teaches students about the spelling pattern with glued sounds and how to correctly use it. Students use a fun, interactive game to practice with the words.

Government Types Lesson PlanGovernment Types Teachers Guide

Government Types


Our Government Types lesson plan teaches students the differences between different types of governments. Students compare and contrast the different types covered in this lesson and learn related vocabulary.

Great Depression Lesson PlanGreat Depression Teachers Guide

Great Depression


Our Great Depression lesson plan teaches students about the Great Depression in the United States, which lasted fromĀ  1929 to 1939. Students learn about its causes and effects, its lasting impact on policy in the United States, and key vocabulary terms.

Great Wall of China Lesson PlanGreat Wall of China Teachers Guide

Great Wall of China


Our Great Wall of China lesson plan teaches students about the Great Wall of China, including facts about it, its place in world history, and its origins. Students learn about its importance to China and the world as the whole.

Greek Mythology Lesson PlanGreek Mythology Teachers Guide

Greek Mythology


Our Greek Mythology lesson plan teaches students about Greek mythology as a whole as well as particular myths and tropes. Students practice identifying some Greek myths and use popular tropes to create their own modern myth.