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Does (x,y) solve an equation?


With our Does (x,y) solve an equation? lesson plan, students learn how to substitute ordered pairs into equations to determine whether or not they satisfy that equation.

Does x satisfy the equation?


With our Does x satisfy the equation? lesson plan, students learn how to substitute values into an equation to determine which number satisfies the equation. Students complete practice problems as a part of this lesson.

Dot Plots Lesson PlanDot Plots Teachers Guide

Dot Plots


Our Dot Plots lesson plan teaches students about dot plots and how to use them. Students practice creating and interpreting dot plots during this lesson.

Dr. Seuss Lesson PlanDr. Seuss Teachers Guide

Dr. Seuss


Our Dr. Seuss Lesson Plan teaches students about the life and work of Dr. Seuss. Students learn about his early life, his works and contributions to literature, and his lasting impact.

Dramas and Plays Lesson PlanDramas and Plays Teachers Guide

Dramas and Plays


Our Dramas and Plays lesson plan teaches students about the components of dramas and plays. Students learn related lesson vocabulary and practice identifying the different components of dramas and plays.

Drawing and Writing Lesson PlanDrawing and Writing Teachers Guide

Drawing and Writing


Our Drawing and Writing lesson plan teaches students how to use drawing to help increase writing skills and vice versa. Students practice choosing appropriate visual aids to accompany their writing.

Drawing Conclusions Lesson PlanDrawing Conclusions Teachers Guide

Drawing Conclusions


Our Drawing Conclusions lesson plan helps students develop critical thinking skills and reading comprehension skills. Students learn to draw conclusions from actions and events presented in sentences, paragraphs, and other reading content.

Drawing Conclusions from Discussions


With our Drawing Conclusions from Discussions lesson plan, students learn how to draw effective and accurate conclusions from both their own discussions and the discussions of others.

Early 19th Century Lesson PlanEarly 19th Century Teachers Guide

Early 19th Century


Our Early 19th Century lesson plan teaches students to identify events, persons, and inventions from the Early 19th Century and to describe their impact on society and the U.S. and the world. Students also learn related vocabulary.

Early Humans Lesson PlanEarly Humans Teachers Guide

Early Humans


Our Early Humans lesson plan teaches students about the origins, movements, lifestyle, and characteristics of early humans. Students also learn related vocabulary.

Earthquakes and Volcanoes Lesson PlanEarthquakes and Volcanoes Teachers Guide

Earthquakes and Volcanoes


Our free downloadable PDF Earthquakes and Volcanoes lesson plan explores the causes and effects of volcanoes and earthquakes. During this lesson, students are asked to color in and label a diagram of an erupting volcano, reinforcing the application of basic earthquake and volcano vocabulary in a fun and interactive way. Students are also as

Eclipses Lesson PlanEclipses Teachers Guide



Our Eclipses lesson plan teaches students about solar and lunar eclipses. Students learn related vocabulary and learn the differences between solar and lunar eclipses and how to differentiate between the two.

Ecosystems and Environments Lesson PlanEcosystems and Environments Teachers Guide

Ecosystems and Environments


Our free downloadable PDF Ecosystems and Environments lesson plan introduces students to the concepts and basics of ecosystems and environments. During this lesson, students are asked to review given pairs of organisms and tell how they interact with each other in their ecosystem, including if and how they help each other. Students are also

Editing and Proofreading Lesson PlanEditing and Proofreading Teachers Guide

Editing and Proofreading


Our Editing and Proofreading lesson plan teaches students what editing and proofreading are, the difference between them, and how to proofread and edit their own written work. Students practice proofreading and editing as a part of this lesson.

Effective Conversations Lesson PlanEffective Conversations Teachers Guide

Effective Conversations


Our Effective Conversations lesson plan teaches students strategies for having effective conversations with other people. Students practice using these strategies to have effective conversations with their classrooms about various topics.