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Introducing Informative Topics


With our Introducing Informative Topics lesson plan, students learn strategies for writing more effective introductions, including how to group relevant information together and when they should include illustrations.

Introduction to a Map Lesson PlanIntroduction to a Map Teachers Guide

Introduction to a Map


In our Introduction to a Map lesson plan, students learn the basics about maps, including how to read one and how to use cardinal directions. Students put their new knowledge to use by creating their own simple maps.

Introduction to Area Lesson PlanIntroduction to Area Teachers Guide

Introduction to Area


Our Introduction to Area lesson plan teaches students about area and how to measure it. Students practice measuring the area of squares, rectangles, and other shapes.

Introduction to Birds Lesson PlanIntroduction to Birds Teachers Guide

Introduction to Birds


In our Introduction to Birds lesson plan, students learn about various characteristics of birds. Students compare and contrast different kinds of birds and also learn a bird call.

Introduction to Commas Lesson PlanIntroduction to Commas Teachers Guide

Introduction to Commas


Our Introduction to Commas lesson plan teaches students what commas are and how to use them correctly in their writing. Students learn how to use commas in dates, series, greetings, letter closings, addresses, and dialogue.

Introduction to Division


With our Introduction to Division lesson plan, students learn the basics of division. Students practice solving basic division problems using visual aids as a part of this lesson.

Introduction to Equivalent Fractions


With our Introduction to Equivalent Fractions lesson plan, students learn how to identify and define equivalent fractions as well as how to create their own equivalent fractions.

Introduction to Exponents Lesson PlanIntroduction to Exponents Teachers Guide

Introduction to Exponents


In our Introduction to Exponents lesson plan, students learn what exponents are and how they are used in math. Students also learn related vocabulary like base, squared, and cubed and practice solving problems that include exponents.

Introduction to Flight Lesson PlanIntroduction to Flight Teachers Guide

Introduction to Flight


In our Introduction to Flight lesson plan, students learn the basic concepts related to flight. Students connect this information to the real world by learning how these concepts are related to things like planes, kites, and balloons.

Introduction to Fractions


With our Introduction to Fractions lesson plan, students learn about fractions, including relevant vocabulary and how they’re represented visually.

Introduction to Graphs/Data Points


With our Introduction to Graphs/Data Points Lesson Plan, students learn how to read and interpret graphs. Students practice creating graphs to represent data in addition to answering questions about given graphs.

Introduction to Integers Lesson PlanIntroduction to Integers Teachers Guide

Introduction to Integers


In our Introduction to Integers lesson plan, students learn the definition of an integer, how to recognize them, how to identify a positive and negative integer on a number line, and more. Students complete practice problems in order to solidify their understanding of the lesson material.

Introduction to Measuring Length Lesson PlanIntroduction to Measuring Length Teachers Guide

Introduction to Measuring Length


In our Introduction to Measuring Length lesson plan, students learn how to measure the length of an object. Students practice ordering objects by length and finding the relative length of an object using a smaller object to measure it.

Introduction to Multiplication


With our Introduction to Multiplication lesson plan, students learn the basics of multiplication. As a part of this lesson, students practice solving simple multiplication problems and practice writing multiplication problems.

Introduction to Perimeter Lesson PlanIntroduction to Perimeter Teachers Guide

Introduction to Perimeter


Our Introduction to Perimeter lesson plan teaches students what perimeter is and how to measure it. Students complete practice problems where they find the perimeter of polygons and other objects.

Introduction to Place Value Lesson PlanIntroduction to Place Value Teachers Guide

Introduction to Place Value


Our Introduction to Place Value lesson plan teaches students about how to group numbers based on place value. Students are also taught specifically that the two digits in a two-digit number represent tens and ones and what that means.

Introduction to Poetry


With our Introduction to Poetry lesson plan, students learn about the basics of poetry, including how to read simple poems and the difference between poetry and prose.