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Korean and Vietnam Wars Lesson PlanKorean and Vietnam Wars Teachers Guide

Korean and Vietnam Wars


In our Korean and Vietnam Wars lesson plan, students learn about both the Korean and Vietnam Wars, including when and where they took place and their causes and reactions. Students compare and contrast the two wars and identify which people and places are associated with which war.

Lakes, Rivers, Streams Lesson PlanLakes, Rivers, Streams Teachers Guide

Lakes, Rivers, Streams


In our Lakes, Rivers, Streams lesson plan, students learn the similarities and differences between lakes, rivers, and streams and why they are important. Students practice identifying which bodies of water are lakes, rivers, and streams.

Landforms Lesson PlanLandforms Teachers Guide



Our Landforms lesson plan teaches students about landforms, including what they are, the different types, and the characteristics of each type. Students practice identifying different landforms and bodies of water based on the characteristics described during the lesson.

Late 19th Century Lesson PlanLate 19th Century Teachers Guide

Late 19th Century


Our Late 19th Century lesson plan teaches students about the major events, inventions, and people of the late 19th century. One of the things students learn about during this lesson in Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address and its importance.

Latitude and Longitude Lesson PlanLatitude and Longitude Teachers Guide

Latitude and Longitude


Our Latitude and Longitude lesson plan teaches students what latitude and longitude are, how they are used, and how to use them to identify a place on a map. Students practice finding places on a map using the latitude and longitude in order to solidify their understanding of the lesson material.

Laws and Rules Lesson PlanLaws and Rules Teachers Guide

Laws and Rules


In our Laws and Rules lesson plan, students learn the definitions of laws and rules and their differences. Students connect this lesson to real life by coming up with a list of rules and laws that they know of already.

Layers of the Earth Lesson PlanLayers of the Earth Teachers Guide

Layers of the Earth


In our Layers of the Earth lesson plan, students learn about the layers of the Earth and what each is made up of. Students learn to identify the four layers and practice labeling them on a diagram of the cross-section of the Earth.

Learning About Drugs Lesson PlanLearning About Drugs Teachers Guide

Learning About Drugs


In our Learning About Drugs lesson plan, students are taught what a drug is and are given examples of both legal and illegal drugs. Students are also asked to identify strategies for avoiding illegal drugs.

Legislative Branch Lesson PlanLegislative Branch Teachers Guide

Legislative Branch


Our free downloadable PDF Legislative Branch lesson plan introduces students to the Legislative Branch of the United States. Most students are familiar with some parts of the world of politics and government but are usually unsure of the two parts that make up Congress, the House, and the Senate. During this lesson, students are asked to nu

Letter Sounds, Patterns, and More


With our Letter Sounds, Patterns, and More lesson plan, students learn strategies for using letter sounds and patterns to identify and read multisyllabic words. They learn how to use their existing knowledge of all letter-sound correspondences, syllabication patterns, and roots and affixes to help them do this during this lesson.

Letter Sounds, Patterns, and More


With our Letter Sounds, Patterns, and More lesson plan, students learn how to identify words that are used incorrectly in writing and correct them using their knowledge of morphemes and word structure.

Letter Writing Lesson PlanLetter Writing Teachers Guide

Letter Writing


In our Letter Writing lesson plan, students learn how to write each letter of the alphabet. Students practice tracing and writing their letters in order to improve their letter writing and recognition skills.

Lewis and Clark Lesson PlanLewis and Clark Teachers Guide

Lewis and Clark


Our Lewis and Clark lesson plan teaches students about the 2-year Lewis and Clark expedition across America exploring the west to the Pacific Ocean and back again. Students also learn about other significant people who were involved in the expedition in some way.