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Metric Measurement (Grades 4-6) Lesson PlanMetric Measurement (Grades 4-6) Teachers Guide

Metric Measurement (Grades 4-6)


In our Metric Measurement lesson plan for grades 4-6, students learn about the metric units used to measure weight, length, and volume. Students also learn what the metric system is used for in the United States and practice measuring various classroom objects.

Metric to US Measurement Lesson PlanMetric to US Measurement Teachers Guide

Metric to US Measurement


Our Metric to US Measurement lesson plan teaches students about the metric system and how to convert between metric and US measurements. Students complete practice problems in order to solidify their understanding of the lesson material.

Mexican-American War Lesson PlanMexican-American War Teachers Guide

Mexican-American War


Our free downloadable PDF Mexican-American War lesson plan teaches the history and significance of the Mexican-American War. During this lesson, students are asked to draw and label the major states and areas that were involved in the Mexican-American war in order to prove they understand the geography involved in the lesson. Students are a

Michelangelo Lesson PlanMichelangelo Teachers Guide



Our Michelangelo lesson plan teaches students about the famous artist Michelangelo, including his artwork and his lasting impact on the art world. Students look at some of his art and learn about his other accomplishments as well.

Microbes Lesson PlanMicrobes Teachers Guide



In our Microbes lesson plan, students learn about microbes, also known as microorganisms. Students learn about the different types of microbes and learn to compare good and bad microbes.

Minerals Lesson PlanMinerals Teachers Guide



Our Minerals lesson plan teaches students about minerals in-depth. Students learn different characteristics that minerals can have and learn to name common minerals.

Missing Addend Subtrahend Lesson PlanMissing Addend Subtrahend Teachers Guide

Missing Addend Subtrahend


Our Missing Addend Subtrahend lesson plan teaches students how to find missing addends and subtrahends by applying fact families. Students also learn how to solve for missing addends and subtrahends in word problems.

Mixed Numbers, Introduction Lesson PlanMixed Numbers, Introduction Teachers Guide

Mixed Numbers, Introduction


Our Mixed Numbers, Introduction lesson plan teaches students about the components of mixed numbers. Students learn how to convert from a mixed number into an improper fraction and from an improper fraction to a mixed number.

Modal Auxiliaries Lesson PlanModal Auxiliaries Teachers Guide

Modal Auxiliaries


In our Modal Auxiliaries lesson plan, students learn about the verbs can, will, shall, may, could, would, should, might and must. Students identify these verbs – called modal auxiliaries – in text and learn why and how they are used in writing.

Modal Auxiliary Verbs


With our Modal Auxiliary Verbs lesson plan, students learn how to properly use modal auxiliary verbs such as shall, should, will, and would.

Molecules and Matter Lesson PlanMolecules and Matter Teachers Guide

Molecules and Matter


Our Molecules and Matter lesson plan compares and contrasts atoms, molecules, and compounds. Students come up with their own examples of atoms, molecules, and compounds, connecting the lesson material to the real world.

Money Lesson PlanMoney Teachers Guide



Our Money lesson plan teaches students about money, including the different values and symbols. Students learn vocabulary related to the lesson and answer questions about how different forms of money relate to each other.

Money Handling Lesson PlanMoney Handling Teachers Guide

Money Handling


In our Money Handling lesson plan, students learn the concept and practical application of handling money. During this lesson, students create their own imaginary budget in order to practice handling money.

Morals, Messages & Lessons Lesson PlanMorals, Messages & Lessons Teachers Guide

Morals, Messages & Lessons


Our Morals, Messages, and Lessons lesson plan teaches students the basics about the messages, lessons, or morals of a story, and how to identify them. Students practice identifying each in examples and write their own stories with a message.

More About Angles Lesson PlanMore About Angles Teachers Guide

More About Angles


Our More About Angles lesson plan teaches students about angles, including how to apply vocabulary to angles, understand the relationship of angles and their names to a transversal, and understand the relationship of angle measurement to types of angles.

More Area and Perimeter Lesson PlanMore Area and Perimeter Teachers Guide

More Area and Perimeter


Our More Area and Perimeter lesson plan teaches students the formulas for area and perimeter of a rectangle and square to find the area and perimeter of L-shaped and other similar figures. Students practice finding missing area and perimeter measurements in given diagrams.

More Inferences


With our More Inferences lesson plan, students learn how to make better inferences about the text they read.

Mount Everest Lesson PlanMount Everest Teachers Guide

Mount Everest


Our Mount Everest lesson plan teaches students about Mount Everest, the highest mountain in the world. Students learn facts about the mountain and some of the challenges of climbing the mountain.