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Prose, Poems, and Drama Lesson PlanProse, Poems, and Drama Teachers Guide

Prose, Poems, and Drama


Our Prose, Poems, and Drama lesson plan teaches students about three types of fiction writing: prose, poems, and drama. Students practice identify text as either prose, poetry, or drama, and also practice writing in each of these types.

Protagonist Lesson PlanProtagonist Teachers Guide



Our Protagonist lesson plan teaches students about protagonists in literature and other media. Students learn about the characteristics of a protagonist, identify examples of protagonists, and write their own short story that contains a protagonist.

Public Speaking Lesson PlanPublic Speaking Teachers Guide

Public Speaking


Our Public Speaking lesson plan introduces students to the important skill of public speaking and gives them tools to become better public speakers. Students create a presentation, including visual elements, and present it to the class to practice their public speaking skills.

Punctuation for Effect Lesson PlanPunctuation for Effect Teachers Guide

Punctuation for Effect


Our Punctuation for Effect lesson plan introduces students to the effect punctuation has on the meaning of a sentence. Students practice using different forms of punctuation more effectively in their own writing.

Punctuation in a Series


With our Punctuation in a Series lesson plan, students learn about proper punctuation placement in sentences which contain a series of items.

Pushing and Pulling Lesson PlanPushing and Pulling Teachers Guide

Pushing and Pulling


In our Pushing and Pulling lesson plan, students are introduced to the physics behind pushing and pulling. Students practice determining whether an object is being pushed or pulled and come up with their own examples of objects that are pushed and pulled.

Put Numbers in Order


In our Put Numbers in Order lesson plan, students learn how to put numbers in order from greatest to least and least to greatest. Students also practice using symbols to compare numbers.

Put Rational Numbers in Order


With our Put Rational Numbers in Order lesson plan, students learn how to place a set of rational numbers in order. They also learn related lesson vocabulary and solve practice problems.

Pyramids Lesson PlanPyramids Teachers Guide



Our Pyramids lesson plan teaches students about ancient pyramids, including when and where they were built, for what purpose, and how they were built. Students participate in a creative activity in which they design their own pyramids based on the information in this lesson.

Pythagorean Theory Lesson PlanPythagorean Theory Teachers Guide

Pythagorean Theory


In our Pythagorean Theory lesson plan, students learn all about the Pythagorean theory, which is used to find the length of a side of a right triangle. Students practice solving problems using this theorem in order to solidify their understanding of the lesson material.

Pythagorean Theory


With our Pythagorean Theory lesson plan, students learn all about the Pythagorean Theory and how to use it to solve problems. Students solve practice problems as a part of this lesson in order to demonstrate their understanding of the material.

Quantitative Relationships Lesson PlanQuantitative Relationships Teachers Guide

Quantitative Relationships


Our free downloadable PDF Quantitative Relationships lesson plan discusses dependent and independent variables and how they relate. Students are asked to work on creating graphs using given data. Students are also asked to determine the independent and dependent variables and write equations for given sets of data in order to demonstrate th

Rachel Carson Lesson PlanRachel Carson Teachers Guide

Rachel Carson


Our Rachel Carson lesson plan teaches students all about Rachel Carson’s life, including her accomplishments, background, and more. Students will learn related vocabulary and will be able to discuss Carson and her achievements.

Rainbows Lesson PlanRainbows Teachers Guide



In our Rainbows lesson plan, students learn all about rainbows, including why they happen, what colors are included, and when they occur. Students participate in a creative activity in which they illustrate scenes that include rainbows.

Rainforests Lesson PlanRainforests Teachers Guide



In our Rainforests lesson plan, students learn all about rainforests, including the definition of a rainforest and its defining characteristics. Students also learn about the living things, such as plants and animals, that live in rainforests.