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The Industrial Revolution Lesson PlanThe Industrial Revolution Teachers Guide

The Industrial Revolution


Our The Industrial Revolution lesson plan teaches students about the Industrial Revolution, including what it was, when it happened, and its lasting impact on the world. Students also learn related vocabulary and about specific innovations that happened during this period.

The Middle Ages Lesson PlanThe Middle Ages Teachers Guide

The Middle Ages


Our free downloadable PDF The Middle Ages lesson plan introduces students to the Middle Ages, which they likely know little about. During this lesson, students are asked to use their creativity to design their own coat of arms based on themselves and their family history, encouraging them to consider the symbolism and meaning behind each de

The Moon Lesson PlanThe Moon Teachers Guide

The Moon


Our The Moon lesson plan teaches students about Earth’s moon. Students learn about the moon’s phases and also learn vocabulary relevant to the lesson.

The Narrator Lesson PlanThe Narrator Teachers Guide

The Narrator


Our The Narrator lesson plan introduces students to the concept of a narrator and teaches students to identify the narrator in a given text. Students also work on identifying the purpose of the narrator in different texts.

The Nitrogen Cycle Lesson PlanThe Nitrogen Cycle Teachers Guide

The Nitrogen Cycle


Our The Nitrogen Cycle lesson plan teaches students about the nitrogen cycle and the steps involved in the nitrogen cycle. Students create a diagram that includes these steps in order to help solidify their understanding of the lesson material.

The Pilgrims Lesson PlanThe Pilgrims Teachers Guide

The Pilgrims


In our Pilgrims lesson plan, students learn about the Pilgrims who came to the United States, including their daily lives and where they lived. Students also learn related vocabulary.

The President Lesson PlanThe President Teachers Guide

The President


Our The President lesson plan teaches students about the office of the Presidency and the roles of the President of the United States. Students also learn about some past Presidents and their accomplishments while they were in office.

The Printing Press Lesson PlanThe Printing Press Teachers Guide

The Printing Press


In our The Printing Press lesson plan, students learn about the invention of the printing press and its inventor, Johann Gutenberg. Students also learn about Gutenberg’s life and the lasting impact that the printing press has had on the world.

The Respiratory System Lesson PlanThe Respiratory System Teachers Guide

The Respiratory System


In our Respiratory System lesson plan, students learn all about the human respiratory system, including its parts and how it is connected to the rest of the body. Students practice labeling a diagram of the respiratory system and are asked to trace the movement of air through the system.

The Revolutionary War Lesson PlanThe Revolutionary War Teachers Guide

The Revolutionary War


Our The Revolutionary War lesson plan teaches students about the Revolutionary War, including its causes and key figures. Students learn about the enduring legacy of the Revolutionary War and how it changed warfare. They also learn related vocabulary.

The Roman Empire Lesson PlanThe Roman Empire Teachers Guide

The Roman Empire


Our free downloadable PDF The Roman Empire lesson plan explores the rise and fall of the Roman Empire, including the most common historical events and significant contributions of its people. During this lesson, students are asked to work with a partner to explore a day’s schedule of boys and girls living in the Roman Empire. Students are a

The Solar System Lesson PlanThe Solar System Teachers Guide

The Solar System


In our The Solar System lesson plan, students are introduced to the solar system, including the planets. Students learn facts about each planet as well as related vocabulary and create a to-scale model of our solar system.

The Water Cycle Lesson PlanThe Water Cycle Teachers Guide

The Water Cycle


In our The Water Cycle lesson plan, students learn about the steps of the water cycle, vocabulary related to the water cycle, and the ways in which the water cycle affects the planet day-to-day.

The White House Lesson PlanThe White House Teachers Guide

The White House


In our White House lesson plan, students learn the history of the White House along with its cultural and historical significance. Students also learn the different rooms of the White House and what they’re used for and what important events take place there.

The Wright Brothers Lesson PlanThe Wright Brothers Teachers Guide

The Wright Brothers


Our Wright Brothers lesson plan teaches students all about the Wright Brothers and their accomplishments. Students will be able to speak about the Wright Brothers and what they contributed to flight. They will also build their own paper airplanes.

Themes and Central Ideas


With our Themes and Central Ideas lesson plan, students learn about themes and central ideas in writing, including how to identify them and why they’re important.

Theory of Evolution Lesson PlanTheory of Evolution Teachers Guide

Theory of Evolution


With our Theory of Evolution lesson plan, students are introduced to the theory of evolution, including its origins, how it’s developed over time, and who the key figures were in developing it. Students learn related vocabulary and imagine how something would evolve in certain conditions.

Thomas Edison Lesson PlanThomas Edison Teachers Guide

Thomas Edison


Our Thomas Edison lesson plan teaches students all about Thomas Edison’s life, including his accomplishments, inventions, background, and more. Students will learn related vocabulary and will be able to discuss Edison and his achievements.