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Unit Squares


Using our Unit Squares lesson plan, students learn all about unit squares, including how to recognize them and how to create their own. Students also learn about different types of length measurement.

United States Territories Lesson PlanUnited States Territories Teachers Guide

United States Territories


Our United States Territories lesson plan teaches students about the various United States territories, including their histories, how they came to be U.S. Territories, and what their lasting significance is. They also learn vocabulary related to the territories.

Unknown Numbers – Multiplication/Division


With our Unknown Numbers – Multiplication/Division lesson plan, students learn how to solve multiplication and division problems for an unknown number. Students solve practice problems and practice using lesson vocabulary.

Urban, Suburban, & Rural Areas Lesson PlanUrban, Suburban, & Rural Areas Teachers Guide

Urban, Suburban, & Rural Areas


Our Urban, Suburban, & Rural Areas lesson plan teaches students the differences between urban, suburban, and rural places. They learn to define each and practice identifying different urban, suburban, and rural places and their characteristics.

Using a Ruler Lesson PlanUsing a Ruler Teachers Guide

Using a Ruler


In our Using a Ruler lesson plan, students learn how to use a ruler. They practice measuring the lengths of different classroom objects and discuss situations in which they might need to use a ruler to measure something in real life.

Using Absolute Value


With our Using Absolute Value lesson plan, students learn about the absolute value of numbers, how to find it, and how it is used in mathematics.

Using Appropriate Sentences


With our Using Appropriate Sentences lesson plan, students learn some basic grammar rules, especially related to word order, along with some reasons that proper grammar is important.

Using Dialogue and Description


With our Using Dialogue and Description lesson plan, students learn how to use dialogue and description to develop experiences and events or show the responses of characters to situations.

Using Illustrations Lesson PlanUsing Illustrations Teachers Guide

Using Illustrations


In our Using Illustrations lesson plan, students learn about the importance of illustrations and when they can and should be used. Students practice discerning information from illustrations and creating their own illustrations for a specific purpose.