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Audio Recording of Stories/Poems


With our Audio Recording of Stories/Poems lesson plan, students learn strategies for relating texts to visuals and sound, such as videos and audio recordings.

Bacteria and Viruses Lesson PlanBacteria and Viruses Teachers Guide

Bacteria and Viruses


Our Bacteria and Viruses lesson plan teaches students about what bacteria and viruses are and how they differ from one another. Students learn the basic characteristics of each and practice differentiating between the two.

Barack Obama Lesson PlanBarack Obama Teachers Guide

Barack Obama


In our Barack Obama lesson plan, students learn about the life and accomplishments of President Barack Obama. Students learn about his early life, his actions as President, and about his lasting impact on the United States and the world as a whole.

Base Ten Numerals & Names Lesson PlanBase Ten Numerals & Names Teachers Guide

Base Ten Numerals & Names


In our Base Ten Numerals & Names lesson plan, students learn about the concept of the base ten numeral, enabling students to read and write multi-digit whole numbers using base ten numerals, names, and expanded form. Students also learn about place value and standard form during this lesson.

Basic Equations Lesson PlanBasic Equations Teachers Guide

Basic Equations


Our free downloadable PDF Basic Equations lesson plan enables students to define, create, and solve basic equations with experiential practice to solidify understanding. This introductory lesson asks students to work in pairs, leveraging peer learning, and exchange their work with each other for accuracy checks. Students are also asked to s

Basic Features of Print Lesson PlanBasic Features of Print Teachers Guide

Basic Features of Print


In our Basic Features of Print lesson plan, students learn about the basics features, or components, of print, such as sentences and punctuation. Students learn the distinguishing features of a sentence and learn to recognize the basic features of print through this lesson.

Basic Graphs Lesson PlanBasic Graphs Teachers Guide

Basic Graphs


In our Basic Graphs lesson plan, students learn about a few different types of basic graphs and what they are used for, including bar and line graphs. Students learn to read, analyze, and create basic line and bar graphs for different purposes.

Basic Measurement Lesson PlanBasic Measurement Teachers Guide

Basic Measurement


In our Basic Measurement lesson plan, students learn the basics of measuring length, capacity, and weight. Students learn the proper unit for each and how to determine the best form of measurement for various objects or purposes.

Basic Multiplication Lesson PlanBasic Multiplication Teachers Guide

Basic Multiplication


Our Basic Multiplication lesson plan introduces students to the basics of multiplication. Students are given numerous practice problems involving multiplication facts through 12.

Basic Statistics Lesson PlanBasic Statistics Teachers Guide

Basic Statistics


In our Basic Statistics lesson plan, students learn what statistics are and how to do some basic statistics problems. Students learn related vocabulary such as mean, median, mode, and range, and learn various uses for statistics.

Beginning Sounds


With our Beginning Sounds lesson plan, students learn how to identify and match the beginning sounds and letters of words. Students practice sorting words into categories based on their beginning sounds.

Benefits of Animal Group Behavior


With our Benefits of Animal Group Behavior lesson plan, students learn all about various types of animals, including how they behave in groups.

Benjamin Franklin Lesson PlanBenjamin Franklin Teachers Guide

Benjamin Franklin


In our Benjamin Franklin lesson plan, students learn about the life and accomplishments of Benjamin Franklin. Students learn about his early life, his contributions to science and politics, and about his lasting impact on the United States and the world as a whole.

Betsy Ross/American Flag Lesson PlanBetsy Ross/American Flag Teachers Guide

Betsy Ross/American Flag


Our Betsy Ross/American Flag lesson plan teaches students about Betsy Ross and her possible contribution to the creation of the American flag. Students also learn about Betsy Ross’s early life and other accomplishments.

Big Bang Theory Lesson PlanBig Bang Theory Teachers Guide

Big Bang Theory


In our Big Bang Theory lesson plan, students learn the basics about the Big Bang Theory, including what it is and what it theorizes about the beginning of the universe. Students learn related vocabulary and practice explaining the theory to their classmates in creative ways in order to solidify their understanding of the lesson material.

Bill of Rights Lesson PlanBill of Rights Teachers Guide

Bill of Rights


Our Bill of Rights lesson plan teaches students about the Bill of Rights, including what it is, what is included in it, and how it came to be a part of the Constitution. Students learn to summarize the first ten amendments and think critically about why the Bill of Rights is so important.

Biomass and Biofuel Lesson PlanBiomass and Biofuel Teachers Guide

Biomass and Biofuel


In our Biomass and Biofuel lesson plan, students learn about biomass and the biofuel created by it. Students learn about specific examples of both biomass and biofuel and learn the advantages and disadvantages of using them.

Biomes and Ecosystems Lesson PlanBiomes and Ecosystems Teachers Guide

Biomes and Ecosystems


In our Biomes and Ecosystems lesson plan, students learn about what biomes and ecosystems are and how they are different. Students also learn about specific types of both biomes and ecosystems and their characteristics.