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Clarifying Meanings of Words/Phrases Lesson PlanClarifying Meanings of Words/Phrases Teachers Guide

Clarifying Meanings of Words/Phrases


Our Clarifying Meanings of Words/Phrases lesson plan teaches students strategies for figuring out the meanings of unfamiliar words, primarily through asking questions. Students also practice choosing the right word for specific sentences.

Classifying 2D Figures Lesson PlanClassifying 2D Figures Teachers Guide

Classifying 2D Figures


Our Classifying 2D Figures lesson plan teaches students various characteristics of 2D shapes and how they can be used to classify shapes. Students practice using the information learned in this lesson to identify 2D shapes such as triangles and equilaterals.

Classifying Shapes


Our Classifying Shapes lesson plan teaches students how to identify and classify shapes used in mathematics. Students practice identifying shapes and answering questions about how they are classified.

Climate Change Lesson PlanClimate Change Teachers Guide

Climate Change


In our Climate Change lesson plan, students learn what climate change is and about some of its causes and effects. Students also learn related lesson vocabulary and about what they can do to lessen their effect on climate change.

Climates Lesson PlanClimates Teachers Guide



Our free downloadable PDF Climates lesson plan introduces students to the different climates of the world. During this lesson, students are asked to color in a printed map based on climate zones, such as polar, temperate, tropical, and more, which they research themselves online. Students are also asked to match descriptions to the climates

Colonial Times Lesson PlanColonial Times Teachers Guide

Colonial Times


Our free downloadable PDF Colonial Times lesson plan introduces students to the living conditions during Colonial Times in America. This interactive lesson engages the imagination and knowledge of students on what it was like being a child during the era. During this lesson, students are asked to draft a first-person story and share their s

Colonial Williamsburg Lesson PlanColonial Williamsburg Teachers Guide

Colonial Williamsburg


Our Colonial Williamsburg lesson plan teaches students about Colonial Williamsburg, including its history, its importance in the 1700s, and its continued significance today. Students learn how to locate it on a map, how to identify it, and numerous facts about life in Colonial Williamsburg both in the past and today.

Colons Lesson PlanColons Teachers Guide



Our free downloadable PDF Colons Lesson Plan enhances students’ writing skills as they identify a colon and learn how to use colons correctly in their writing. Students use their creative thinking skills to compose their own sentences with colons.

Columbus and America Lesson PlanColumbus and America Teachers Guide

Columbus and America


Our Columbus and America lesson plan teaches students about Christopher Columbus and the impact he had on the Americas. Students learn about his life, his voyages to the Americas, and how he contributed to connecting Europe to the Americas.

Combining Like Terms Lesson PlanCombining Like Terms Teachers Guide

Combining Like Terms


In our Combining Like Terms lesson plan, students learn how to combine like terms in algebraic expressions. Students complete practice problems in which they simplify terms by combining using the methods taught in this lesson.

Commas Lesson PlanCommas Teachers Guide



Our free downloadable PDF Commas lesson plan equips students to both identify the rules for comma usage and correctly use commas in their writing.

Commas in Dates and Series


With our Commas in Dates and Series lesson plan, students learn how to properly use commas with dates and series. Students practice inserting commas into sentences as well as writing their own sentences using commas correctly.

Common and Proper Nouns Lesson PlanCommon and Proper Nouns Teachers Guide

Common and Proper Nouns


In our Common and Proper Nouns lesson plan, students learn what common and proper nouns are and how they differ. Students practice differentiating between common and proper nouns.

Common Prefixes Spelling Patterns Lesson PlanCommon Prefixes Spelling Patterns Teachers Guide

Common Prefixes Spelling Patterns


In our Common Prefixes Spelling Patterns lesson plan, students learn some common prefixes and how they can change the meaning of words. Students also learn how to create a “prefix tree” to help them visualize how prefixes and the words they’re connected to are related.

Common Prefixes/Suffixes Lesson PlanCommon Prefixes/Suffixes Teachers Guide

Common Prefixes/Suffixes


Our Common Prefixes/Suffixes lesson plan teaches students about some common prefixes and suffixes and how they can use these to help figure out the meaning of unfamiliar words. Students practice identifying prefixes and suffixes and matching prefixes and suffixes to their definitions.

Communities Lesson PlanCommunities Teachers Guide



In our Communities lesson plan, students learn about how communities are formed and defined, some characteristics of various communities, and the three main types: urban, suburban, and rural. Students also learn related vocabulary as a part of this lesson.

Community Helpers Lesson PlanCommunity Helpers Teachers Guide

Community Helpers


In our Community Helpers lesson plan, students learn about various “community helpers” such as mail carriers, farmers, firemen, and more. Students learn what a number of community helpers do for a living and how their work has a positive impact on the communities they live in.

Commutative Property Lesson PlanCommutative Property Teachers Guide

Commutative Property


In our Commutative Property lesson plan, students learn what the commutative property is in mathematics for both addition and multiplication and how to use it. Students practice identifying problems that use the commutative property as a part of this lesson.