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Suffixes Lesson PlanSuffixes Teachers Guide



In our Suffixes lesson plan, students learn common suffixes and their meanings. Students enhance their reading comprehension with a greater understanding of suffixes and how they are used.

Sunlight and Earth Lesson PlanSunlight and Earth Teachers Guide

Sunlight and Earth


Our Sunlight and Earth lesson plan teaches students how sunlight and its energy affects Earth and the people living on Earth. Students learn the benefits of sunlight to people, plants, and the planet as a whole.

Sunrise and Sunset Lesson PlanSunrise and Sunset Teachers Guide

Sunrise and Sunset


In our Sunrise and Sunset lesson plan, students learn how and why the sun rises and sets. They will also consider the differences between sunrises and sunsets and practice their writing skills by describing both.

Susan B. Anthony Lesson PlanSusan B. Anthony Teachers Guide

Susan B. Anthony


Our Susan B. Anthony lesson plan teaches students all about Susan B. Anthony’s life, including her accomplishments, background, and more. Students will learn related vocabulary and will be able to discuss Anthony and her achievements.

Syllables Lesson PlanSyllables Teachers Guide



In our Syllables lesson plan, students learn what a syllable is and how to count them. Students practice counting syllables and splitting words into their syllables using the methods taught in this lesson.

Symbols in America Lesson PlanSymbols in America Teachers Guide

Symbols in America


Our Symbols in America lesson plan teaches students about a number of significant symbols related to the United States. Students practice identifying and describing American symbols and their significance.

Symbols in the World Lesson PlanSymbols in the World Teachers Guide

Symbols in the World


Our Symbols in the World lesson plan teaches students about famous and important landmarks and symbols around the world. Students learn to identify and describe these famous symbols and their importance.

Temperature Lesson PlanTemperature Teachers Guide



In our Temperature lesson plan, students learn how to measure temperature, the proper measurement units, how and why it changes over time, and more. Students practice reading temperatures using both Celcius and Fahrenheit.

Text Features Lesson PlanText Features Teachers Guide

Text Features


Our Text Features lesson plan teaches students about the features of different kinds of text. Students learn to differentiate between different text features, list their uses, and use them in both fiction and non-fiction contexts.

Text Features for Locating Information


With our Text Features for Locating Information lesson plan, students learn all about text features that can help them locate information. Students practice identifying text features and their purpose as a part of this lesson.

Thanksgiving Origins Lesson PlanThanksgiving Origins Teachers Guide

Thanksgiving Origins


Our Thanksgiving Origins lesson plan teaches students about the origins of Thanksgiving. They learn how Thanksgiving began, how it evolved, and the lasting impact of its beginnings today.

The Great Lakes Lesson PlanThe Great Lakes Teachers Guide

The Great Lakes


Our The Great Lakes Lesson Plan teaches students about the Great Lakes, including their names, where they’re located, and some facts about each. Students practice labeling them on a map and identifying the states that they border.

The Moon Lesson PlanThe Moon Teachers Guide

The Moon


Our The Moon lesson plan teaches students about Earth’s moon. Students learn about the moon’s phases and also learn vocabulary relevant to the lesson.

The Narrator Lesson PlanThe Narrator Teachers Guide

The Narrator


Our The Narrator lesson plan introduces students to the concept of a narrator and teaches students to identify the narrator in a given text. Students also work on identifying the purpose of the narrator in different texts.

The Pilgrims Lesson PlanThe Pilgrims Teachers Guide

The Pilgrims


In our Pilgrims lesson plan, students learn about the Pilgrims who came to the United States, including their daily lives and where they lived. Students also learn related vocabulary.

The President Lesson PlanThe President Teachers Guide

The President


Our The President lesson plan teaches students about the office of the Presidency and the roles of the President of the United States. Students also learn about some past Presidents and their accomplishments while they were in office.

The Printing Press Lesson PlanThe Printing Press Teachers Guide

The Printing Press


In our The Printing Press lesson plan, students learn about the invention of the printing press and its inventor, Johann Gutenberg. Students also learn about Gutenberg’s life and the lasting impact that the printing press has had on the world.