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All About Adjectives


With ur All About Adjectives lesson plan, students learn about adjectives, including what they are, how to identify them, and how to more effectively use them in their writing.

All About Trees Lesson PlanAll About Trees Teachers Guide

All About Trees


Our free downloadable PDF All About Trees lesson plans contains everything your students could ever need or want to know about trees. The lesson includes information about the two types of trees, deciduous and evergreen, and also defines several other relevant vocabulary words like perennial, annual, dormant and photosynthesis. During this

Alphabetical Order Teachers Guide

Alphabetical Order


Our interactive, free downloadable PDF Alphabetical Order Lesson Plan teaches students the steps necessary for alphabetizing and how to apply these steps to place words in alphabetical order.

Amphibians Lesson PlanAmphibians Teachers Guide



Our Amphibians lesson plan teaches students about amphibians and their defining characteristics. Students also learn related vocabulary and practice identifying amphibians as a part of this lesson.

Animal Camouflage Lesson PlanAnimal Camouflage Teachers Guide

Animal Camouflage


Our free downloadable PDF Animal Camouflage lesson plan teaches students the basics of camouflage, including the different types and which animals use it. During this lesson, students are asked to engage their creative imagination as they work in pairs to create and draw new animals that use specific types of camouflage. Students are also a

Animal Classification (Grades 1-3) Lesson PlanAnimal Classification (Grades 1-3) Teachers Guide

Animal Classification (Grades 1-3)


Our Animal Classification lesson plan for grades 1-3 teaches students about the basics of scientific animal classification. Students learn about specific classification criteria and practice matching traits to the correct classification.

Ask/Answer Questions for Understanding Fiction


With our Ask/Answer Questions for Understanding Fiction lesson plan, students learn strategies for asking and answering questions while reading fiction in order to understand it better. Students practice writing their own questions about fiction in addition to answering pre-written questions.

Asking & Answering Questions Lesson PlanAsking & Answering Questions Teachers Guide

Asking & Answering Questions


Our Asking & Answering Questions lesson plan teaches students strategies for asking better questions and for answering questions more effectively. Students learn how to ask questions to gather information, to gain a deeper understanding of the topic, and to clarify comprehension.

Asking for Clarification


With our Asking for Clarification lesson plan, students learn strategies for asking for clarification on something they are learning.

Associative Property Lesson PlanAssociative Property Teachers Guide

Associative Property


In our Associative Property lesson plan, students learn what the associative property is in mathematics for both addition and multiplication and how to use it. Students practice identifying problems that use the associative property as a part of this lesson.

Basic Graphs Lesson PlanBasic Graphs Teachers Guide

Basic Graphs


In our Basic Graphs lesson plan, students learn about a few different types of basic graphs and what they are used for, including bar and line graphs. Students learn to read, analyze, and create basic line and bar graphs for different purposes.

Basic Measurement Lesson PlanBasic Measurement Teachers Guide

Basic Measurement


In our Basic Measurement lesson plan, students learn the basics of measuring length, capacity, and weight. Students learn the proper unit for each and how to determine the best form of measurement for various objects or purposes.

Betsy Ross/American Flag Lesson PlanBetsy Ross/American Flag Teachers Guide

Betsy Ross/American Flag


Our Betsy Ross/American Flag lesson plan teaches students about Betsy Ross and her possible contribution to the creation of the American flag. Students also learn about Betsy Ross’s early life and other accomplishments.

Bones Lesson PlanBones Teachers Guide



In our Bones lesson plan, students learn about the human skeleton and some of the bones that make it up. Students learn characteristics of bones, how they are connected, and how to keep their bones protected.