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Counting to 120 Lesson PlanCounting to 120 Teachers Guide

Counting to 120


Our Counting to 120 lesson plan teaches students how to count to 120 using interactive activities and practice problems. Students learn and utilize various strategies to count to 120.

Creating a Timeline Lesson PlanCreating a Timeline Teachers Guide

Creating a Timeline


Our Creating a Timeline lesson plan teaches students what timelines are and how to create them for different purposes. Students practice creating their own timelines in addition to extracting information, such as dates and event details, from timelines.

Cultures of the World Lesson PlanCultures of the World Teachers Guide

Cultures of the World


Our Cultures of the World lesson plan teaches students about some cultures of the world and helps them learn about and respect other people’s cultures and beliefs. Students learn related vocabulary in addition to characteristics of various world cultures.

Daylight Saving Time Lesson PlanDaylight Saving Time Teachers Guide

Daylight Saving Time


Our Daylight Saving Time lesson teaches students about the history of Daylight Saving Time and why it is used around the world. Students practice converting the time between different time zones.

Decode 2-Syllable Long Vowel Words


With our Decode 2-Syllable Long Vowel Words lesson plan, students learn all about 2-syllable long vowel words and how to determine which vowel sounds are found in particular words.

Decoding with Prefixes/Suffixes Lesson PlanDecoding with Prefixes/Suffixes Teachers Guide

Decoding with Prefixes/Suffixes


Our Decoding with Prefixes/Suffixes lesson plan teaches decoding and teaches students the most common prefixes and suffixes. Students also learn to identify the correct prefix or suffix for provided words using the whole sentence as context.

Decoding Words Lesson PlanDecoding Words Teachers Guide

Decoding Words


Our Decoding Words lesson plan teaches students some decoding skills and improves reading fluency. Students learn about phonics and word analysis and how to apply these skills to their reading in order to enhance comprehension.

Defining Shapes Lesson PlanDefining Shapes Teachers Guide

Defining Shapes


Our Defining Shapes lesson plan teaches students strategies that can be used to define shapes. Students practice using these strategies and the knowledge gained in this lesson to identify and classify various shapes.

Defining Shapes


With our Defining Shapes lesson plan, students learn how to define and identifying basic shapes like rectangles, squares, triangles, and circles.

Describing Story Events Lesson PlanDescribing Story Events Teachers Guide

Describing Story Events


Our Describing Story Events lesson plan teaches students how to identify story events and why this is an important skill to have. Students practice identifying the introduction, conclusion, climax, rising action, and resolution of a given story.

Describing Using Adjectives/Adverbs


With our Describing Using Adjectives/Adverbs lesson plan, students learn how to more effectively describe people, places, and things.

Deserts Lesson PlanDeserts Teachers Guide



Our Deserts lesson plan teaches students about deserts and their characteristics. Students also learn about plants and animals that live in the desert and how they can be identified.

Determining Unknown Numbers Lesson PlanDetermining Unknown Numbers Teachers Guide

Determining Unknown Numbers


Our Determining Unknown Numbers lesson plan teaches students strategies for problem-solving that can be used to find missing or unknown numbers in addition or subtraction equations. Students solve practice problems as a part of this lesson.

Dictionary Use Lesson PlanDictionary Use Teachers Guide

Dictionary Use


Our Dictionary Use lesson plan teaches students how to use both online and traditional dictionaries and explains the benefits of using them. Students practice using them for various purposes.

Differences in Length


With our Differences in Length lesson plan, students learn how to measure objects with a ruler and how to compare the lengths of two different objects.

Digital Tools Variety


With our Digital Tools Variety lesson plan, students learn all about various digital tools and how they are used to produce and publish writing.

Dinosaurs Lesson PlanDinosaurs Teachers Guide



Our Dinosaurs lesson plan teaches students information about dinosaurs, including when and where dinosaurs lived, and common characteristics of dinosaurs. Students also learn to identify several types of dinosaurs.

Division with Remainders Lesson PlanDivision with Remainders Teachers Guide

Division with Remainders


Our Division with Remainders lesson plan teaches students strategies for grouping strategies to divide whole numbers with remainders. Students practice solving problems in which they use the strategies taught in this lesson.