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Harriet Tubman Lesson PlanHarriet Tubman Teachers Guide

Harriet Tubman


Our Harriet Tubman lesson plan teaches students about Harriet Tubman and her accomplishments, including information about the Underground Railroad. Students also learn about her early life and her lasting impact on history.

Helen Keller Lesson PlanHelen Keller Teachers Guide

Helen Keller


Our Helen Keller lesson plan teaches students about the life and accomplishments of Helen Keller. Students learn about Keller’s early life and her lasting impact on the world.

Herbivores, Carnivores, Omnivores Lesson PlanHerbivores, Carnivores, Omnivores Teachers Guide

Herbivores, Carnivores, Omnivores


In our Herbivores, Carnivores, Omnivores lesson plan, students learn the differences between herbivores, carnivores, and omnivores, and what each eats. Students practice identifying animals with each of these diets.

Hibernation and Migration Lesson PlanHibernation and Migration Teachers Guide

Hibernation and Migration


In our Hibernation and Migration lesson plan, students learn about how and why animals hibernate or migrate. Students also learn about some specific animals that either hibernate or migrate and how to identify them.

History of Transportation Lesson PlanHistory of Transportation Teachers Guide

History of Transportation


In our History of Transportation lesson plan, students learn how to define transportation and how it has evolved over the years. Students learn about several modes of transportation and discuss how they’ve evolved and what the future of transportation might be.

Homes of the World Lesson PlanHomes of the World Teachers Guide

Homes of the World


Students learn the characteristics of different types of homes and practice identifying them. Students also learn relevant lesson vocabulary as a part of this lesson.

How Do Plants Grow? Lesson PlanHow Do Plants Grow? Teachers Guide

How Do Plants Grow?


Our How Do Plants Grow? lesson plan teaches students what plants need to survive and how they grow. Students also learn related vocabulary and grow their own seeds using the information gained in this lesson.

Hundreds With Zeros


With our Hundreds With Zeros lesson plan, students learn about the hundreds place and how to represent it numerically and verbally.

Identify Main Topics


With our Identify Main Topics lesson plan, students learn how to properly identify main topics in text as well as focus topics and supporting details.

Identify Mammals, Birds, Fish, Reptiles, Amphibians


With our Identify Mammals, Birds, Fish, Reptiles, Amphibians lesson plan, students learn how to categorize animals into various groups based on their attributes.

Identifying and Using Determiners Lesson PlanIdentifying and Using Determiners Teachers Guide

Identifying and Using Determiners


In our Identifying and Using Determiners lesson plan, students learn how to make their writing clearer by identifying and using determiners. Students learn that determiners are also called noun markers or articles and practice using them in their own writing.

Identifying Authors’ Reasons


With our Identifying Authors’ Reasons lesson plan, students learn strategies for identifying an author’s main point, supporting ideas, and conclusions.

Identifying Inconsistent Spelling/Sounds Lesson PlanIdentifying Inconsistent Spelling/Sounds Teachers Guide

Identifying Inconsistent Spelling/Sounds


Our Identifying Inconsistent Spelling/Sounds lesson plan teaches students about inconsistent spelling/sounds of some common words. As a part of this lesson, students learn about diphthongs, silent letters, homophones, and more.

Identifying Plants and Animals


With our Identifying Plants and Animals lesson plan, students learn about common characteristics of various types of plants and animals and how to identify them.

Identifying Text Purpose


With our Identifying Text Purpose lesson plan, students learn how to accurately identify the purpose of a text and the author’s point of view.

Images to Clarify Text


With our Images to Clarify Text lesson plan, students learn how to choose and interpret images or pictures to help clarify written text.

Inches, Feet, and Yards Lesson PlanInches, Feet, and Yards Teachers Guide

Inches, Feet, and Yards


In our Inches, Feet, and Yards lesson plan, students learn how to measure the length of various objects using inches, feet, and yards. Students also learn how to use a ruler and complete practice problems in which they choose the best units to measure different objects.

Informational Text Lesson PlanInformational Text Teachers Guide

Informational Text


Our Informational Text lesson plan teaches students about non-fiction text and its features. Students learn how to interpret and comprehend informational texts such as history and social studies, science, and more.