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‘-s vs. -es Plurals Spelling Patterns


Our -‘s and ‘es Plurals Spelling Patterns lesson plan teaches students about plural spelling patterns and when to use -‘s vs. -‘es. Students will learn vocabulary words that use these plural endings and will be able to choose the correct spelling pattern based on the word they want to make plural.

3 Types of Sentences Lesson Plan3 Types of Sentences Teachers Guide

3 Types of Sentences


Our 3 Types of Sentences lesson plan teaches students how to write better sentences using compound and complex sentences. Students also learn how to vary their sentence types within paragraphs.

50 States of America Lesson Plan50 States of America Teachers Guide

50 States of America


Our 50 States of America Lesson Plan teaches students about how the United States is comprised of 50 states and gives students examples of states in each region of the U.S. Students also learn some of names of the states.

Add/Subtract Money Lesson PlanAdd/Subtract Money Teachers Guide

Add/Subtract Money


In our Add/Subtract Money lesson plan, students learn how to add and subtract the decimal form of money. Students also learn to identify the numerical value of various coins and paper money and add them together or subtract them.

Add/Subtract with Money


With our Add/Subtract with Money lesson plan, students learn how to recognize the value of money and how to add and subtract with it.

Addition Patterns Lesson PlanAddition Patterns Teachers Guide

Addition Patterns


Our Addition Patterns lesson plan teaches students addition patterns as a way to mentally solve addition problems with large numbers. Students practice recognizing addition patterns and solve example problems as a part of this lesson.

Addition with Regrouping Lesson PlanAddition with Regrouping Teachers Guide

Addition with Regrouping


Our Addition with Regrouping Lesson Plan teaches students how to use the properties of addition and regrouping. Students complete numerous practice problems using the skills taught in this lesson.

Addition/Subtraction Strategies Lesson PlanAddition/Subtraction Strategies Teachers Guide

Addition/Subtraction Strategies


Our Addition/Subtraction lesson plan teaches students how addition and subtraction strategies work using place value and the properties of operations. Students practice these skills using provided practice problems as a part of this lesson.

Additional Strategies for +/- Lesson PlanAdditional Strategies for +/- Teachers Guide

Additional Strategies for +/-


Our Additional Strategies for +/- lesson plan teaches students additional strategies for addition and subtraction. Students learn more about both operations using place value and complete numerous practice problems in which they use the strategies presented in this lesson.

Adjective Order Lesson PlanAdjective Order Teachers Guide

Adjective Order


Our Adjective Order lesson plan teaches students about the proper placement of adjectives in sentences. Students practice putting adjectives in the correct order and classifying adjectives.

Adjectives (Grades 1-3) Lesson PlanAdjectives (Grades 1-3) Teachers Guide

Adjectives (Grades 1-3)


Our Adjectives lesson plan for grades 1-3 teaches students what adjectives are and how they can use them in their writing. Students practice using adjectives to describe themselves, their classmates, and more.

Adverbs (Grades 1-3) Lesson PlanAdverbs (Grades 1-3) Teachers Guide

Adverbs (Grades 1-3)


Our Adverbs lesson plan for grades 1-3, available as a downloadable PDF, strengthen reading comprehension and written expression as students accurately identify adverbs in a text and independently use accurate adverbs in writing.

Air Pollution Lesson PlanAir Pollution Teachers Guide

Air Pollution


Our Air Pollution lesson plan teaches students about air pollution, including its causes and effects. Students also learn related lesson vocabulary and practice identifying scenes with air pollution vs. without.

Albert Einstein Lesson PlanAlbert Einstein Teachers Guide

Albert Einstein


Our Albert Einstein lesson plan teaches students about the life and accomplishments of Albert Einstein and his lasting influence on the world. Students learn about his early life, his inventions, and more.

Alexander Graham Bell Lesson PlanAlexander Graham Bell Teachers Guide

Alexander Graham Bell


In our Alexander Graham Bell lesson plan, students learn about the life and contributions of the inventor Alexander Graham Bell. Students learn about his early life, how he came to invent the telephone, and his lasting impact on the world.

All About Africa Lesson PlanAll About Africa Teachers Guide

All About Africa


In our All About Africa lesson plan, students learn all about Africa, including its history, its people, its countries, and its culture. Students also learn to locate it on a map.

All About Antarctica Lesson PlanAll About Antarctica Teachers Guide

All About Antarctica


In our All About Antarctica lesson plan, students learn all about Antarctica, including its history, its natural formations, and its animals. Students also learn to locate it on a map.