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Teaching Students on the Spectrum


Working with certified professionals in the area of Autism, Clarendon Learning developed our “Teaching Students on the Spectrum” Curriculum.  You will learn professional advice and strategies on how to effectively run an inclusive classroom, which includes ALL of your students.

The full Curriculum includes:

  • Teaching students on the Spectrum – Informational Packet
  • Lesson 1: Communication
  • Lesson 2: Judging by Appearances
  • Lesson 3: Healthy Relationships
  • Lesson 4: Being open to New Relationships
  • Lesson 5: Self-Esteem
  • Lesson 6: Team Building

All-in-all you will have access hours of material, worksheets, activities, and more all designed to help you serve your students and classroom more fully.

We hope you enjoy our curriculum Teaching Students on the Spectrum.