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‘-s vs. -es Plurals Spelling Patterns


Our -‘s and ‘es Plurals Spelling Patterns lesson plan teaches students about plural spelling patterns and when to use -‘s vs. -‘es. Students will learn vocabulary words that use these plural endings and will be able to choose the correct spelling pattern based on the word they want to make plural.

3 Types of Sentences Lesson Plan3 Types of Sentences Teachers Guide

3 Types of Sentences


Our 3 Types of Sentences lesson plan teaches students how to write better sentences using compound and complex sentences. Students also learn how to vary their sentence types within paragraphs.

Abbreviations Lesson PlanAbbreviations Teachers Guide



Our Abbreviations lesson plan teaches students about abbreviations both in writing and for other purposes. Students learn some common abbreviations and learn why abbreviations are so widely used.

Absolute Value Lesson PlanAbsolute Value Teachers Guide

Absolute Value


Our Absolute Value lesson plan teaches students about absolute value, including what it is and what the symbols used to designate absolute zero are. Students also learn how the absolute value symbols are interpreted in equations and that absolute values are always positive because they measure distance.

Action and Being Verbs Lesson PlanAction and Being Verbs Teachers Guide

Action and Being Verbs


Our free downloadable PDF Action and Being Verbs lesson plan introduces students to the function of verbs within sentences. This interactive lesson explores basic action and being verbs with collaborative learning opportunities where students share their responses with the class.

Adapt Speech to Context


With our Adapt Speech to Context lesson plan, students learn strategies for adapting and delivering speeches for specific audiences or contexts.

Additional Use of Context


With our Additional Use of Context lesson plan, students learn how to determine the meaning of words using context clues as well as how to include high-level vocabulary words in their own writing by including their own context clues.

Adjective Order Lesson PlanAdjective Order Teachers Guide

Adjective Order


Our Adjective Order lesson plan teaches students about the proper placement of adjectives in sentences. Students practice putting adjectives in the correct order and classifying adjectives.

Adjectives (Grades 4-6) Lesson PlanAdjectives (Grades 4-6) Teachers Guide

Adjectives (Grade 4-6)


Our Adjectives lesson plan for grades 4-6, available as a free downloadable PDF, teaches students how to add color to their writing. This lesson builds on their existing understanding of nouns, verbs, and other parts of speech.

Adjectives (Grades 1-3) Lesson PlanAdjectives (Grades 1-3) Teachers Guide

Adjectives (Grades 1-3)


Our Adjectives lesson plan for grades 1-3 teaches students what adjectives are and how they can use them in their writing. Students practice using adjectives to describe themselves, their classmates, and more.

Adverbs (Grades 1-3) Lesson PlanAdverbs (Grades 1-3) Teachers Guide

Adverbs (Grades 1-3)


Our Adverbs lesson plan for grades 1-3, available as a downloadable PDF, strengthen reading comprehension and written expression as students accurately identify adverbs in a text and independently use accurate adverbs in writing.

Adverbs (Grades 4-6) Lesson PlanAdverbs (Grades 4-6) Teachers Guide

Adverbs (Grades 4-6)


Our free downloadable PDF Adverbs Lesson Plan for grades 4-6 expands students’ understanding of adverbs while preparing them to define, identify, and use adverbs. This lesson both develops reading comprehension and written expression through both collaborative and individual exercises.

All About Adjectives


With our All About Adjectives lesson plan, students learn about adjectives, including what they are, how to identify them, and how to more effectively use them in their writing.