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Alphabetical Order Teachers Guide

Alphabetical Order


Our interactive, free downloadable PDF Alphabetical Order Lesson Plan teaches students the steps necessary for alphabetizing and how to apply these steps to place words in alphabetical order.

Antagonist Lesson PlanAntagonist Teachers Guide



Our free downloadable PDF Antagonist lesson plan develops reading comprehension as students define an antagonist and identify examples from a story, book, movie, or TV show. Students are asked to use and expand their creative writing skills by writing a short story which includes an antagonist. Students are also asked to work in pairs to id

Ask & Answer Questions to Clarify Word Meaning


With our Ask & Answer Questions to Clarify Word Meaning lesson plan, students learn how to effectively ask and answer questions to help determine the meaning of an unknown word or phrase. Students learn and practice using various strategies for doing this during this lesson.

Ask/Answer Q’s Understanding Non-Fiction


With our Ask/Answer Q’s Understanding Non-Fiction lesson plan, students learn how to better ask and answer questions to gain a deeper understanding of a non-fiction text. Students practice writing their own questions based on text as well as answering pre-written questions as a part of this lesson.

Ask/Answer Questions for Understanding Fiction


With our Ask/Answer Questions for Understanding Fiction lesson plan, students learn strategies for asking and answering questions while reading fiction in order to understand it better. Students practice writing their own questions about fiction in addition to answering pre-written questions.

Basic Features of Print Lesson PlanBasic Features of Print Teachers Guide

Basic Features of Print


In our Basic Features of Print lesson plan, students learn about the basics features, or components, of print, such as sentences and punctuation. Students learn the distinguishing features of a sentence and learn to recognize the basic features of print through this lesson.

Beginning Sounds


With our Beginning Sounds lesson plan, students learn how to identify and match the beginning sounds and letters of words. Students practice sorting words into categories based on their beginning sounds.

Cause and Effect Lesson PlanCause and Effect Teachers Guide

Cause and Effect


Our Cause and Effect lesson plan teaches students strategies for identifying the cause and effect and how to employ it in their own writing. Students practice analyzing text for the causes and effects and writing paragraphs using a cause and effect.

Cause and Effect (Grades 1-2) Lesson PlanCause and Effect (Grades 1-2) Teachers Guide

Cause and Effect (Grades 1-2)


In our Cause and Effect lesson plan for grades 1-2, students learn how to identify the cause and effect of various events. Students learn how to analyze both images and text in order to determine the potential causes and effects.

Changes in Characters Lesson PlanChanges in Characters Teachers Guide

Changes in Characters


In our Changes in Characters lesson plan, students learn how to identify the various changes that happen with characters during a story because of the events of the story. Students learn to analyze how the events of a story affect the characters in the story.

Chapters, Scenes and Stanzas Lesson PlanChapters, Scenes and Stanzas Teachers Guide

Chapters, Scenes and Stanzas


In our Chapters, Scenes and Stanzas lesson plan, students learn how chapters, scenes, and stanzas are used to structure various types of literature. Students also learn about the differences between chapters, scenes, and stanzas.

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