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Understanding Through Illustrations


With our Understanding Through Illustrations lesson plan, students learn how to effectively use illustrations to gain information about a text. Students practice looking at illustrations and identifying relevant information as a part of this lesson.

Using Appropriate Sentences


With our Using Appropriate Sentences lesson plan, students learn some basic grammar rules, especially related to word order, along with some reasons that proper grammar is important.

Using Illustrations Lesson PlanUsing Illustrations Teachers Guide

Using Illustrations


In our Using Illustrations lesson plan, students learn about the importance of illustrations and when they can and should be used. Students practice discerning information from illustrations and creating their own illustrations for a specific purpose.

Word Analysis Skills

With our Word Analysis Skills lesson plan, students learn skills for analyzing and thinking about words, including how to sort them by number of syllables, how to find definitions, and how to determine rhyming words.

Words, Phrases, and Rhythm


With our Words, Phrases, and Rhythm lesson plan, students learn all about how beats, alliteration, rhythm, and more can affect the meaning and tone of a poem or story.

Writing a Book Report Lesson PlanWriting a Book Report Teachers Guide

Writing a Book Report


Our Writing a Book Report lesson plan teaches students how to more effectively write book reports. It teaches students to analyze literature and condense its themes and major points into a cohesive and clear report.

Writing Resolutions Lesson PlanWriting Resolutions Teachers Guide

Writing Resolutions


Our Writing Resolutions lesson plan teaches students how to write better conclusions for various types of narrative texts. They will practice writing resolutions for different stories and will also practice identifying and analyzing why another author might choose to resolve a text in a certain way.

Writing Tone and Style Lesson PlanWriting Tone and Style Teachers Guide

Writing Tone and Style


In our Writing Tone and Style lesson plan, students will learn how to identify different tones in writing and styles of writing. They will practice adjusting their own tone and style depending on what they are writing and who their audience is. They will also practice recognizing when another author changes their style or tone.