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Additional Strategies for +/- Lesson PlanAdditional Strategies for +/- Teachers Guide

Additional Strategies for +/-


Our Additional Strategies for +/- lesson plan teaches students additional strategies for addition and subtraction. Students learn more about both operations using place value and complete numerous practice problems in which they use the strategies presented in this lesson.

Analyze Patterns and Relationships Lesson PlanAnalyze Patterns and Relationships Teachers Guide

Analyze Patterns and Relationships


Our Analyze Patterns and Relationships lesson plan teaches students various strategies they can use to find patterns in groups of numbers. Students practice identifying patterns and relationships using these methods in addition to creating their own number patterns and relationships.

Analyzing Patterns Lesson PlanAnalyzing Patterns Teachers Guide

Analyzing Patterns


Our Analyzing Patterns lesson plan teaches students strategies for recognizing and analyzing patterns in mathematics. Students also learn to generate algebraic rules and find missing terms from a sequence.

Angles Lesson PlanAngles Teachers Guide



Our Angles lesson plan teaches students about various types of angles and how to use a protractor to measure and draw angles. Students solve practice problems where they have to find missing angles during this lesson.

Angles and Degrees Lesson PlanAngles and Degrees Teachers Guide

Angles and Degrees


In our Angles and Degrees lesson plan, students learn about how to measure an angle in degrees. Students learn that there are 360 degrees in a circle and complete practice problems that deal with these concepts in order to solidify their understanding of the lesson material.

Angles and Equations Lesson PlanAngles and Equations Teachers Guide

Angles and Equations


Our Angles and Equations lesson plan teaches students different ways that angles can be used to find missing angles in equations. Students also learn how to use addition and subtraction to find the measure of an unknown angle.

Angles with Circles Lesson PlanAngles with Circles Teachers Guide

Angles with Circles


In our Angles with Circles lesson plan, students learn about how circles and angles are related. Students learn how to measure angles using circles and also learn other relevant lesson vocabulary.

Applying Area in the Real World


With our Applying Area in the Real World lesson plan, students learn about how area is used in real-world scenarios. Students practice finding the area of various shapes and answering questions based on real-life scenarios.

Area and Perimeter Lesson PlanArea and Perimeter Teachers Guide

Area and Perimeter


In our Area and Perimeter lesson plan, students learn how to find the area and perimeter of various shapes using given formulas. Students learn how to do this for both squares and rectangles and complete practice problems.

Area of Triangles and More Lesson PlanArea of Triangles and More Teachers Guide

Area of Triangles and More


Our Area of Triangles and More lesson plan teaches students how to find the area of triangles and other shapes such as trapezoids and parallelograms. Students practice using the formula to find the area for each of these shapes and more.

Area Using Models


In our Area Using Models lesson plan, students learn about mathematical models using area. Students practice using these models to solve problems.

Arithmetic Patterns Lesson PlanArithmetic Patterns Teachers Guide

Arithmetic Patterns


In our Arithmetic Patterns lesson plan, students learn how to recognize various arithmetic patterns. Students also learn how to create their own patterns using addition and multiplication tables.

Associative Property Lesson PlanAssociative Property Teachers Guide

Associative Property


In our Associative Property lesson plan, students learn what the associative property is in mathematics for both addition and multiplication and how to use it. Students practice identifying problems that use the associative property as a part of this lesson.

Base Ten Numerals & Names Lesson PlanBase Ten Numerals & Names Teachers Guide

Base Ten Numerals & Names


In our Base Ten Numerals & Names lesson plan, students learn about the concept of the base ten numeral, enabling students to read and write multi-digit whole numbers using base ten numerals, names, and expanded form. Students also learn about place value and standard form during this lesson.

Basic Equations Lesson PlanBasic Equations Teachers Guide

Basic Equations


Our free downloadable PDF Basic Equations lesson plan enables students to define, create, and solve basic equations with experiential practice to solidify understanding. This introductory lesson asks students to work in pairs, leveraging peer learning, and exchange their work with each other for accuracy checks. Students are also asked to s

Basic Graphs Lesson PlanBasic Graphs Teachers Guide

Basic Graphs


In our Basic Graphs lesson plan, students learn about a few different types of basic graphs and what they are used for, including bar and line graphs. Students learn to read, analyze, and create basic line and bar graphs for different purposes.

Basic Measurement Lesson PlanBasic Measurement Teachers Guide

Basic Measurement


In our Basic Measurement lesson plan, students learn the basics of measuring length, capacity, and weight. Students learn the proper unit for each and how to determine the best form of measurement for various objects or purposes.

Basic Multiplication Lesson PlanBasic Multiplication Teachers Guide

Basic Multiplication


Our Basic Multiplication lesson plan introduces students to the basics of multiplication. Students are given numerous practice problems involving multiplication facts through 12.