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Understanding Length Lesson PlanUnderstanding Length Teachers Guide

Understanding Length


Our Understanding Length lesson plan teaches students to better understand length as a type of measurement. They practice estimating length, ranking things according to length, and more.

Unit Rate Problems


With our Unit Rate Problems lesson plan, students learn how to solve unit rate problems and how to write their own unit rate word problems.

Unit Squares


Using our Unit Squares lesson plan, students learn all about unit squares, including how to recognize them and how to create their own. Students also learn about different types of length measurement.

Unknown Numbers – Multiplication/Division


With our Unknown Numbers – Multiplication/Division lesson plan, students learn how to solve multiplication and division problems for an unknown number. Students solve practice problems and practice using lesson vocabulary.

Using a Ruler Lesson PlanUsing a Ruler Teachers Guide

Using a Ruler


In our Using a Ruler lesson plan, students learn how to use a ruler. They practice measuring the lengths of different classroom objects and discuss situations in which they might need to use a ruler to measure something in real life.

Using Measures of Center


With our Using Measures of Center lesson plan, students learn how to relate the choice of measures of center and variability to the shape of a data distribution.

Using Parenthesis/Brackets Lesson PlanUsing Parenthesis/Brackets Teachers Guide

Using Parenthesis/Brackets


In our Using Parenthesis/Brackets lesson plan, students learn how to use parentheses and brackets in their writing and what these symbols mean in other people’s writing. They practice using parentheses and brackets, improving their overall writing and grammar skills.

Variables in Math Lesson PlanVariables in Math Teachers Guide

Variables in Math


In our Variables in Math lesson plan, students learn about variables in math, including what they are and how they’re used in math problems. Students practice solving math problems with variables using the methods learned in this lesson.

Volume 1 Lesson PlanVolume 1 Teachers Guide

Volume 1


In our Volume 1 lesson plan, students learn the basics about volume in relation to cubes, rectangular solids, and square triangles. They learn how to calculate volume using various formulas and practice doing so with various shapes.

Volume of Right Rectangular Prisms


With our Volume of Right Rectangular Prisms lesson plan, students learn how to calculate the volume of a right rectangular prism. Students solve numerous practice problems where they calculate the volume of right rectangular prisms during this lesson.

What are Tens? Lesson PlanWhat are Tens? Teachers Guide

What are Tens?


In our What are Tens? lesson plan, students are introduced to the concept of using tens in math and in their everyday life. Students will understand how to add up to tens and how tens are added to make hundreds.

Whole Numbers as Fractions


With our Whole Numbers as Fractions lesson plan, students learn how to write whole numbers as fractions. Students practice expressing whole numbers as fractions and using the lesson vocabulary.

Word Problems – Add & Subtract Fractions


With our Word Problems – Add & Subtract Fractions lesson plan, students learn how to solve word problems that contain the addition or subtraction of fractions. Students solve problems and write their own word problems as a part of this lesson.