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Famous Artists Lesson PlanFamous Artists Teachers Guide

Famous Artists


Our Famous Artists lesson plan teaches students about several famous artists in the world and about their artwork. Students learn to identify some of their work and to identify several prominent styles of art.

Famous Musicians


With our Famous Musicians lesson plan, students learn about famous musicians from various eras and genres.

French and Indian War


With our French and Indian War lesson plan, students learn all about the French and Indian War, including what it was, its causes, and its effects.

French Revolution Lesson PlanFrench Revolution Teachers Guide

French Revolution


Our French Revolution lesson plan teaches students about the French Revolution, including its causes and effects, its major conflicts, and its lasting impact. Students also learn relevant vocabulary and about some key figures involved in the conflict.

Galileo Galilei Lesson PlanGalileo Galilei Teachers Guide

Galileo Galilei


Our Galileo Galilei lesson plan teaches students about the life and accomplishments of Galileo Galilei. Students learn about his early life, his numerous achievements, and his lasting impact.

Gandhi Lesson PlanGandhi Teachers Guide



Our free downloadable PDF Gandhi lesson plan introduces students to Mahatma Gandhi, most often referred to simply by his last name, Gandhi. Nearly every country in the world has heard of Gandhi and it is important for students to learn about his influence on the world, as well as his struggles promoting peaceful resolutions. During this les

George Washington Carver Lesson PlanGeorge Washington Carver Teachers Guide

George Washington Carver


Our George Washington Carver lesson plan teaches students about George Washington Carver, who is best known for his work related to peanuts. Students also learn about Carver’s early life, his other innovations, and his lasting impact.

Gettysburg Address Lesson PlanGettysburg Address Teachers Guide

Gettysburg Address


Our Gettysburg Address lesson plan teaches students about the Gettysburg Address. Students read the speech and analyze it in addition to learning about the historical context of it and its lasting impact.

Government Types Lesson PlanGovernment Types Teachers Guide

Government Types


Our Government Types lesson plan teaches students the differences between different types of governments. Students compare and contrast the different types covered in this lesson and learn related vocabulary.

Great Depression Lesson PlanGreat Depression Teachers Guide

Great Depression


Our Great Depression lesson plan teaches students about the Great Depression in the United States, which lasted fromĀ  1929 to 1939. Students learn about its causes and effects, its lasting impact on policy in the United States, and key vocabulary terms.

Great Wall of China Lesson PlanGreat Wall of China Teachers Guide

Great Wall of China


Our Great Wall of China lesson plan teaches students about the Great Wall of China, including facts about it, its place in world history, and its origins. Students learn about its importance to China and the world as the whole.

Greek Mythology Lesson PlanGreek Mythology Teachers Guide

Greek Mythology


Our Greek Mythology lesson plan teaches students about Greek mythology as a whole as well as particular myths and tropes. Students practice identifying some Greek myths and use popular tropes to create their own modern myth.

Harriet Tubman Lesson PlanHarriet Tubman Teachers Guide

Harriet Tubman


Our Harriet Tubman lesson plan teaches students about Harriet Tubman and her accomplishments, including information about the Underground Railroad. Students also learn about her early life and her lasting impact on history.

Helen Keller Lesson PlanHelen Keller Teachers Guide

Helen Keller


Our Helen Keller lesson plan teaches students about the life and accomplishments of Helen Keller. Students learn about Keller’s early life and her lasting impact on the world.

History of Transportation Lesson PlanHistory of Transportation Teachers Guide

History of Transportation


In our History of Transportation lesson plan, students learn how to define transportation and how it has evolved over the years. Students learn about several modes of transportation and discuss how they’ve evolved and what the future of transportation might be.

Homes of the World Lesson PlanHomes of the World Teachers Guide

Homes of the World


Students learn the characteristics of different types of homes and practice identifying them. Students also learn relevant lesson vocabulary as a part of this lesson.

How a Bill Becomes a Law Lesson PlanHow a Bill Becomes a Law Teachers Guide

How a Bill Becomes a Law


In our How a Bill Becomes a Law lesson plan, students learn the process by which a bill becomes a law in the United States, also learning the difference between a bill and a law. Students put the steps for a bill becoming a law in the correct order in order to demonstrate their understanding of the lesson material.

Inca Civilization Lesson PlanInca Civilization Teachers Guide

Inca Civilization


Our Inca Civilization lesson plan teaches students about the Inca civilization, including their history, where they are located, and more. Students learn related vocabulary and learn about the lasting impact that the Inca Civilization had on the world.