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New Deal Lesson PlanNew Deal Teachers Guide

New Deal


Our New Deal lesson plan teaches students about President Roosevelt’s New Deal, including what it entailed, how it came about after the Great Depression, and its lasting impact today. Students also learn related vocabulary.

Olympic History Lesson PlanOlympic History Teachers Guide

Olympic History


Our Olympic History lesson plan teaches students about the history of the Olympics, including its origins and the differences between the ancient games and the modern Olympics. Students complete an activity in which they imagine the Olympics are coming to their city and design advertisement for them.

Pearl Harbor Attack Lesson PlanPearl Harbor Attack Teachers Guide

Pearl Harbor Attack


Our Pearl Harbor Attack lesson plan teaches students about the attack, including the historical context, the events of the attack, and the aftermath. Students also learn about the lasting legacy of the attack.

Plantations Lesson PlanPlantations Teachers Guide



In our Plantations lesson plan, students learn what plantations were, how they contributed to the slave trade in the U.S., and their lasting legacy.

Pocahontas Lesson PlanPocahontas Teachers Guide



In our Pocahontas lesson plan, students learn about Pocahontas as a historical figure. Students learn about her life, her connection to Jamestown, and her lasting legacy.

Political Parties Lesson PlanPolitical Parties Teachers Guide

Political Parties


In our Political Parties lesson plan, students learn about major and minor political parties in the United States. Students participate in an activity in which they create their own political party and discuss the similarities and differences between existing parties in the U.S.

Prohibition Lesson PlanProhibition Teachers Guide



Our Prohibition lesson plan teaches students about prohibition along with the 18th and 21st amendments which banned and then permitted alcohol in the United States. Students learn about the causes and effects of prohibition, the reasons the ban was eventually lifted, and its lasting legacy.

Pyramids Lesson PlanPyramids Teachers Guide



Our Pyramids lesson plan teaches students about ancient pyramids, including when and where they were built, for what purpose, and how they were built. Students participate in a creative activity in which they design their own pyramids based on the information in this lesson.

Rachel Carson Lesson PlanRachel Carson Teachers Guide

Rachel Carson


Our Rachel Carson lesson plan teaches students all about Rachel Carson’s life, including her accomplishments, background, and more. Students will learn related vocabulary and will be able to discuss Carson and her achievements.

Reconstruction Lesson PlanReconstruction Teachers Guide



Our Reconstruction lesson plan teaches students about Reconstruction, the time period following the Civil War. Students learn about significant events and people in the Reconstruction Era, along with related vocabulary.

Religions of the World Lesson PlanReligions of the World Teachers Guide

Religions of the World


In our Religions of the World lesson plan, students learn about different world religions and their characteristics. Students compare and contrast different world religions using the knowledge of their characteristics gained in this lesson.

Republicans and Democrats Lesson PlanRepublicans and Democrats Teachers Guide

Republicans and Democrats


In our Republicans and Democrats lesson plan, students learn about the two major political parties in the United States. Their histories, key platforms, and major differences are covered in this lesson.

Rights and Responsibilities Lesson PlanRights and Responsibilities Teachers Guide

Rights and Responsibilities


In our Rights and Responsibilities lesson plan, students learn what rights and responsibilities are and how they are related but different. Students connect this lesson to their own lives by listing some rights and responsibilities in their own households.

Rosie the Riveter and the Women of WWII Lesson PlanRosie the Riveter and the Women of WWII Teachers Guide

Rosie the Riveter and the Women of WWII


Our Rosie the Riveter and the Women of WWII lesson plan teaches students about Rosie the Riveter and what she was symbolic of during WWII, along with the role real women played during WWII. Students learn about specific important women who were involved in the war.

Salem Witch Trials Lesson PlanSalem Witch Trials Teachers Guide

Salem Witch Trials


Our Salem Witch Trials lesson plan teaches students about the historical series of events known as the Salem With Trials. Students learn about the trials, why they happened, and what their enduring legacy is today. They also learn related vocabulary.

Seven Continents Lesson PlanSeven Continents Teachers Guide

Seven Continents


Our Seven Continents lesson plan teaches students about the seven continents on Earth, including geographical features, weather, the countries that are on each continent, and more. Students practice identifying and describing each continent and its significance.

Slavery Lesson PlanSlavery Teachers Guide



Our Slavery lesson plan teaches students in-depth about slavery and its place in American History. Students learn about the continued effects of slavery in the United States as well as the role the slave trade played in history.

Slavery (Grades 1-3) Lesson PlanSlavery (Grades 1-3) Teachers Guide

Slavery (Grades 1-3)


Our Slavery lesson plan for grades 1-3 introduces young students to slavery in America. Students learn the general causes and enduring effects of the slave trade, the key events of this time period, and important vocabulary related to this lesson.