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Verb Tenses Lesson PlanVerb Tenses Teachers Guide

Verb Tenses


In our Verb Tenses lesson plan for grades 4-6, students learn more advanced verb tenses, such as progressive verbs and perfect verb tenses. They will learn to identify these when reading and to use them correctly in their writing.

Vocabulary Strategies Lesson PlanVocabulary Strategies Teachers Guide

Vocabulary Strategies


In this Vocabulary Strategies lesson plan, students learn strategies to improve their vocabulary retention. This lesson helps them learn and remember vocabulary words and their definitions, improving overall reading comprehension skills.

Vowel Sounds Lesson PlanVowel Sounds Teachers Guide

Vowel Sounds


With our Vowel Sounds lesson plan, students will learn about both long and short vowel sounds. Students identify long and short vowel sounds in words and use them to improve their spelling and pronunciation.

Word Endings Lesson PlanWord Endings Teachers Guide

Word Endings


In our Word Endings lesson plan, students learn about the different endings words can have and what they tell you about the meaning of the word. They practice identifying different endings and deriving the meaning of the word from the combination of the base and the ending.

Word Relationships Lesson PlanWord Relationships Teachers Guide

Word Relationships


In our Word Relationships lesson plan, students will learn how words are related and will learn to group words into different categories. They will practice categorizing words and identifying how certain words are related.

Word Relationships (Grades 4-6) Lesson PlanWord Relationships (Grades 4-6) Teachers Guide

Word Relationships (Grades 4-6)


In our Word Relationships lesson plan for grades 4-6 students will learn how words can be grouped in different ways and how words can be related. They will practice categorizing words and will learn to define words based on their related words.

Writing a Paragraph Lesson PlanWriting a Paragraph Teachers Guide

Writing a Paragraph


Our Writing a Paragraph lesson plan teaches students how to structure and write a cohesive paragraph. They will practice writing paragraphs according to the steps in the lesson and will improve their overall writing skills.

Writing Effectively Lesson PlanWriting Effectively Teachers Guide

Writing Effectively


Our Writing Effectively lesson plan teaches students how to intentionally write more effectively based on the topic and audience they are writing for. Students practice writing using the steps introduced in the lesson and will ultimately learn to be a better writer by using this process.

Writing Instructions Lesson PlanWriting Instructions Teachers Guide

Writing Instructions


In our Writing Instructions lesson plan, students will learn how to more effectively write instructions. They will practice writing instructions for various things and processes both on their own and collaboratively.

Writing Resolutions Lesson PlanWriting Resolutions Teachers Guide

Writing Resolutions


In this Writing Resolutions lesson plan, students will learn better ways to conclude their stories. They will practice writing endings to stories and will also learn to identify the beginning, middle, and ending of various stories.