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Irregular Plural Nouns


Our Irregular Plural Nouns lesson plan teaches students how to recognize irregular plural nouns. Students practice using these irregular plural nouns in order to help them memorize their irregular spellings.

Irregular Plurals Spelling Patterns Lesson PlanIrregular Plurals Spelling Patterns Teachers Guide

Irregular Plurals Spelling Patterns


In our Irregular Plurals Spelling Patterns lesson plan, students are taught some irregular plural spelling patterns. Students practice identifying and using words with these irregular spelling patterns in order to solidify their understanding of the lesson material.

Irregular Verbs Lesson PlanIrregular Verbs Teachers Guide

Irregular Verbs


In our Irregular Verbs lesson plan, students learn about verbs that have irregular spellings in the past tense. Students are given common examples of these and practice writing sentences using these irregular verbs.

Irregularly Spelled Words Lesson PlanIrregularly Spelled Words Teachers Guide

Irregularly Spelled Words


Our Irregularly Spelled Words lesson plan teaches students about common words that are spelled irregularly. Students practice identifying these common words and practice spelling them themselves.

Italics and Underlining Lesson PlanItalics and Underlining Teachers Guide

Italics and Underlining


In our Italics and Underlining lesson plan, students learn what italics and underlining are and the situations in which they are used in writing. Students practice correctly italicizing and underlining the correct words and phrases in given sentences during this lesson.

Letter Writing Lesson PlanLetter Writing Teachers Guide

Letter Writing


In our Letter Writing lesson plan, students learn how to write each letter of the alphabet. Students practice tracing and writing their letters in order to improve their letter writing and recognition skills.

Linking Comments


With our Linking Comments lesson plan, students learn strategies for effectively linking comments with comment starters and other transition words and phrases.

Linking Ideas


With our Linking Ideas lesson plan, students learn how to identify and write effective transitions in text using linking words and proper paragraph breaks.

Linking Opinions and Reasons


With our Linking Opinions and Reasons lesson plan, students learn how to effectively use linking words and phrases to link opinions and reasons in their writing.

Linking Words & Phrases Lesson PlanLinking Words & Phrases Teachers Guide

Linking Words & Phrases


Our Linking Words and Phrases lesson plan teaches students how to identify and use linking words and phrases. Students practice using these words and phrases in their own writing in order to solidify their understanding of the lesson material.

Literary Techniques Lesson PlanLiterary Techniques Teachers Guide

Literary Techniques


Our Literary Techniques lesson plan teaches students about commonly used literary techniques used in stories, poems, and dramas. Students also practice using these common techniques in their own writing.