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The Solar System Lesson PlanThe Solar System Teachers Guide

The Solar System


In our The Solar System lesson plan, students are introduced to the solar system, including the planets. Students learn facts about each planet as well as related vocabulary and create a to-scale model of our solar system.

The Water Cycle Lesson PlanThe Water Cycle Teachers Guide

The Water Cycle


In our The Water Cycle lesson plan, students learn about the steps of the water cycle, vocabulary related to the water cycle, and the ways in which the water cycle affects the planet day-to-day.

Theory of Evolution Lesson PlanTheory of Evolution Teachers Guide

Theory of Evolution


With our Theory of Evolution lesson plan, students are introduced to the theory of evolution, including its origins, how it’s developed over time, and who the key figures were in developing it. Students learn related vocabulary and imagine how something would evolve in certain conditions.

Time Zones Lesson PlanTime Zones Teachers Guide

Time Zones


Our Time Zones lesson plan teaches students about both worldwide and United States-specific time zones. Students learn why time zones exist, what the time zones in the U.S. are, and how to convert between time zones.

Tobacco is a Drug Lesson PlanTobacco is a Drug Teachers Guide

Tobacco is a Drug


With our Tobacco is a Drug lesson plan, students learn about tobacco, including what it is, why it’s addictive, and the dangers of using it. Students identify and develop strategies for avoiding tobacco use during this lesson.

Understanding an Equal Sign Lesson PlanUnderstanding an Equal Sign Teachers Guide

Understanding an Equal Sign


Our Understanding an Equal Sign lesson plan teaches students what an equal sign symbol means in mathematics. Students practice using equal signs and identifying equivalencies.

Vaccines Lesson PlanVaccines Teachers Guide



Our Vaccines lesson plan teaches students about vaccines and what they do. They learn about the history of vaccines, what vaccines are used for, and why vaccines are so important.

Vitamins and Minerals Lesson PlanVitamins and Minerals Teachers Guide

Vitamins and Minerals


Our Vitamins and Minerals lesson plan teaches students all about the various vitamins and minerals people need to survive and where they come from. They learn to identify vitamins and minerals and articulate why humans need each.

Water Pollution Lesson PlanWater Pollution Teachers Guide

Water Pollution


Our Water Pollution lesson plan teaches students about water pollution, including its causes, how it can be prevented, and the effects it has on the environment.

Water, Water Everywhere Lesson PlanWater, Water Everywhere Teachers Guide

Water, Water Everywhere


In our Water, Water Everywhere lesson plan, students learn all about water, including its importance and where it can be found. Students use water-related vocabulary and answer questions about the uses of water, why we need it, and its various sources.

Weathering and Erosion Lesson PlanWeathering and Erosion Teachers Guide

Weathering and Erosion


In our Weathering and Erosion lesson plan, students will learn the differences between the terms “weathering” and “erosion”. They will learn related vocabulary and will be able to identify which process is taking place in a given situation.

What Lives in the Ocean Lesson PlanWhat Lives in the Ocean Teachers Guide

What Lives in the Ocean


In our What Lives in the Ocean lesson plan, students are taught about the different plants and animals that live in the ocean and why they are suited to live there instead of on land.