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War of 1812 Lesson PlanWar of 1812 Teachers Guide

War of 1812


Using our War of 1812 lesson plan, students learn all about the War of 1812, including its causes and lasting effects and the key figures and countries in the conflict. Students are asked to do independent research along with the lesson.

Washington and Lincoln Lesson PlanWashington and Lincoln Teachers Guide

Washington and Lincoln


In our Washington and Lincoln lesson plan, students learn about Presidents George Washington and Abraham Lincoln. They will learn about their lives and their accomplishments while President of the United States.

Washington, D.C. Lesson PlanWashington, D.C. Teachers Guide

Washington, D.C.


Using our Washington, D.C. lesson plan, students learn about the history of Washington, D.C. and about significant events in the city’s history. They also learn about various monuments and landmarks in Washington, D.C.

Westward Expansion Lesson PlanWestward Expansion Teachers Guide

Westward Expansion


In our Westward Expansion lesson plan, students learn about the U.S.’s expansion west, including the key events that led up to it and its lasting impact. Students will learn the path and years in which westward expansion occurred and will be able to label a map with the correct year that each state or territory was added.

What is Democracy Lesson PlanWhat is Democracy Teachers Guide

What is Democracy


In our What is Democracy lesson plan, students learn about democracies, including the characteristics of a democracy, some places in the world that are democracies, and more. They will be able to identify democracies and differentiate them from other types of governance.

What is Rosh Hashanah


Using our What is Rosh Hashanah lesson plan, students learn about the Jewish holiday Rosh Hashana, including its origins, history, customs, and more.

Women's Suffrage Lesson PlanWomen's Suffrage Teachers Guide

Women’s Suffrage


In our Women’s Suffrage lesson plan, students will learn about the women’s suffrage movement, including key ideas, main figures, major events, and its lasting impact.

World Time Zones Lesson PlanWorld Time Zones Teachers Guide

World Time Zones


In our World Time Zones lesson plan, students learn about how time zones work and why they are used. Students will use lesson vocabulary and answer questions about time zones and why they exist.

World War II Lesson PlanWorld War II Teachers Guide

World War II


In our World War II lesson plan, students will learn about the Second World War. They will learn about the causes and effects of World War II, the key countries and people involved, and the tactics used. They will also conduct their own research on a related topic.

Wounded Knee Massacre Lesson PlanWounded Knee Massacre Teachers Guide

Wounded Knee Massacre


Our Wounded Knee Massacre lesson plan teaches students about Wounded Knee, its historical significance, and related vocabulary. Students create a poster about a related topic and practice using the vocabulary.