Clarendon Learning’s Video Resources

In today’s day and age video is very important.  We understand the need teachers and parents have for quality educational video content and that is why we are working hard to develop resources that you can trust and use to educate your students/children.

Our library is ever growing!  We will release new videos every month!  If you have a video that you’d like to see please request it by filling out our contact form!

Thank you for trusting Clarendon Learning with your educational resources.

Social Studies

The Declaration of Independence

World War I

World War II

The American Civil War

50 States of America

Industrial Revolution

Korean & Vietnam War

Martin Luther King Jr for Kids


Basic Addition

Basic Multiplication

Angles for Kids

Intro to Statistics

Add / Subtract Money


Equal Parts

Calendars for Kids


Oceans of the World

Volcanoes for Kids

The Digestive System for Kids

Photosynthesis for Kids

Earthquakes for Kids